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New York Charter Parents Association endorses Bill Perkins for State Senator

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New York Charter Parents Association endorses Bill Perkins for State Senator

August 23, 2010, New York, NY----- The New York Charter Parents Association (NYCPA), the first and only independent charter parent association in New York City and New York State, today proudly endorses State Senator Bill Perkins for re-election representing the 30th District.

“Bill Perkins showed the courage to stand up for parents and do what is right, without worrying about the political consequences,” said Mona Davids, founder and President of NYCPA. “All the money, attacks and threats of a challenger, funded by the charter school lobby and hedge fund millionaires, did not sway him from standing up for us. At NYCPA’s request, Senator Perkins convened the first hearings on charter schools in their 10 year existence in New York State that exposed many of the questionable practices of charter school administrators that were violating the rights of NYC children and their parents.

“It is only because of Senator Perkins that we now have charter reform with increased transparency and accountability. Senator Perkins committed what many people called political suicide, putting his political career on the line, to fight for the rights of charter parents, enhanced transparency, financial accountability and real educational reform. Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson and Senator Suzi Oppenheimer, Chair of the Education Committee, both commended Senator Perkins for his courage and credited Senator Perkins for his role in passing the new revised charter law that includes much needed charter reforms with the lifting of the charter cap.”

Mariama Sanoh, Vice President of NYCPA, and a charter school parent added, “Bill Perkins listened to the cries of charter parents whose children were being pushed out and counseled out of charter schools. He stood up for us and agreed to help us fight for our right to have parent associations in our schools, to include special needs children and English Language Learners in charters, to require that charters have monthly board meetings and to notify parents and the community of the meetings. He stood up for us and now we are standing up for him.”

Said Mona Davids, “We support Senator Bill Perkins because he is not anti-charter, but for protecting the rights of parents wherever they choose to enroll their children, whether at district or charter schools. Senator Perkins proved to us that he is not bought and paid for by the charter school lobby and we trust that he will always put parents and children first.”

New York Charter Parents Association is a nonprofit organization founded to advocate for families with children in the New York State public school system - both public charter and public district schools seeking public school choice. We are the FIRST AND ONLY independent charter parent organization in New York City and New York State. We are "OF THE PARENTS, FOR THE PARENTS AND BY THE PARENTS". We are not controlled by the charter center, NYC Department of Education or any charter school therefore we put our children first before any special interest group.

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