Friday, September 17, 2010

Teaser: Coming later- accounts of exclusive Ed Notes interviews with Ravitch and Moskowitz

Strange encounters and Stranger in a strange land would both make good titles for the upcoming piece.

And it was a very strange day indeed yesterday at The Economist 2 day Idea fest at Chelsea Piers. Cost was $1500 to get in. No, I didn't break my piggy bank. Diane Ravitch helped get me a press pass and was gracious enough to give me some camera time afterwards for our film.

Shockingly, so did Eva Moskowitz even though I told her it was for a film debunking Waiting for Superman. And we had quite a nice chat off camera too as I tried to convince her to sign up for FIRST LEGO League robotics. (What the hell, I am in charge of team recruitment.) I gave her a copy of the new GEM newsletter which gives her the Coal of the month (Karen Lewis got the Diamond). Then she tells me her husband is a big fan of Ed Notes. I hope he isn't reading it while he eats breakfast or at least someone is around who knows the Heimlich maneuver.

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