Friday, September 24, 2010

From the Grassroots - GEMNYC October Newsletter Available

It's a beaut.

Diamonds to Karen Lewis, Coals to Eva Moskowitz. 

Fall into the Gap:
High Stakes Testing, Mayor Bloomberg, and the Dismantling of Public Education

Charter Schools:  Myths and Truths

Parents, Teachers Rally at Twenty Schools

Profile of a GEM member: Sam Coleman

Upcoming GEM Events: 

How is high-stakes testing being used to dismantle/undermine public education and what we can do about it? What do the changes in test scores really mean for parents and teachers?

An open panel and follow-up analysis and discussion focusing on solutions.
September 28, 4:30-7pm
CUNY Grad Center
34th St. & 5th Ave. Rm 5414
(Bring id)

Hard copy is a one page folded booklet. Downloaded it is a 4 pager.

Ask and ye shall receive. Contact for copies.

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