Sunday, September 26, 2010

What's in a Not? An Ed Deform Knothead

Some ed deform blogger named Kyle came across our rally at the WFS film the other night and called it a union organized event. Poor foolish Kyle. He also didn't like the GEM pamphlet we gave out called The Truth About Charters. Oh my GOD! He found a typo, which means all public school teachers are idiots, you know. I left this comment on his posting. Go over and day "hello."
I was one of the organizers of the Friday event and if you ask anyone in the UFT hierarchy I have been one of their biggest critics for 40 years. And many of the rallying Real Reformers have run with the opposition to the UFT leaders for many years.

Your misreading of this rally as being union instigated is a sign of just how out of touch you are. The reform train crashed in Fenty/Rheeville about 10 seconds after leaving the station and is coming apart as the very people you all are trying to manipulated into privatizing the public schools for your fun and profit are increasingly rejecting the deformers. You guys are the new status quo.

Congratulations on your great discovery, clearly along the lines of making you the new Columbus, of an extra "not" in a pamphlet of two thousand words. I take responsibility for that "not" due the failing eyesight of a  proud retired public school/unionized teacher who spent 35 years teaching elementary school in the inner city in Brooklyn, NY.

What's your excuse?

To one of the commenters: Oh, and exactly what was the class size in that private school you went to where your parents obviously wasted an enormous amount of money? You better thank them.

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