Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ATRs: Many Called, Few Chosen

From an ATR's horses mouth. What a great inside illustration of not only the lack of respect from the DOE but also of their incompetence at even running an event like this.

A “mandatory recruitment fair” (or was it a futility festival?) was held in the main room of the Grand Prospect Ballroom in Brooklyn on September 14.  Teachers were initially directly to report at 10 o’clock in the morning.  Email messages went out the day before changing the time to 1:00.  Although the second floor ballroom is large, teachers weren’t permitted to enter until after one o’clock.  Some didn’t get in until around 2:00.  Teachers who arrived in the morning had to stand around waiting for more than three hours before going upstairs to the interview tables.

The DOE used a first floor lounge and restaurant as waiting rooms.  These side rooms were stuffed far beyond their room capacity (which is listed on the ballroom’s website as 320 persons).

Teachers were advised in the email messages that no lunch would be provided.  For those arriving in the afternoon there was not even water.  One teacher was stopped from entering the Skylight Room where administrators were being served a range of beverages by waiters in black jackets.  A handler in a monogrammed jacket told the teacher there wasn’t anything available for interviewees.  Asked what his position was the man explained that he was employed by a private company (a DOE “partner”) hired to provide logistics for the job fair.   Apparently these logistics didn’t include providing water for the hundreds of cattle call participants.  After a standoff of several minutes a Ballroom waiter brought the teacher a glass of water from the off-limits room.  Teachers typically seemed to be seeing about 3-4 vacancies in their licence area.  Some fewer.  Some found none.

Throwaway line:  Many of the participants were dressed like they would hope to be treated:  professional or at least semi-professional.  However, scores of others were more in keeping with the shabby reality.


Pakter on Callaghan: UFT Canned Its Conscience When It Fired Jim Callaghan


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  2. Oh please, wait until the facts come out. Come on JC, NLRB...sue...come on...some of us are waiting.

  3. Thank goodness your readers are discerning Norm.
    Mulgrew and his $205,000 flunkies get up early to read your blog and they can't answer on thing Pakter said!
    The facts are that Mulgrew tried to smear Pakter, telling Callaghan (see The Chief) that Pakter had porn on his computer and that he should not write the story.
    Callaghan proved that 100 people had access to the computer.

    Callaghan testified under oath at Pakter's 3020A hearing.
    Will Mulgrew and PBA Man Hickey ever take that chance of getting hit with a perjury rap?
    Pakter's case is still open- Mulgrew can submit himself to cross examination and deny it but he is a scared wimp like he is with Blooomberg.
    The one consistent aspect of the Mulgrew blogs on here is that they never deal with "the facts" coming out-the facts are out: Mulgrew is a slimeball who tried to get a 37 year veteran respected teacher fired by spreading false rumors-using members dues to destroy lives.
    That is what he did with Callaghan who everyone in the schools liked and admired. Ten cops to fire someone?
    Lots of people are waiting for the NLRB and the lawsuit- they cant wait to testify.

  4. I am a writer on the ny teacher staff. Callaghan never ever tried to organize a union...PLEASE!!!

  5. There are rumors of Bloomberg having VERY damaging information on Mulgrew's behavior IN the Grady building. Supposedly Mulgrew was let off the hook, but Bloomberg holds it over his head...just in case.

    Supposedly, the rumor was that Mulgrew was rather "busy" with a colleague while at Grady- and he was found in a rather compromised "position".

    Once again . . . a rumor . . .who knows ? ? ?


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