Tuesday, September 14, 2010

UPDATE on Perkins/Smikle - PERKINS WINNING BIG - Charter school lobby goes down in flames

Last Update Sept. 14, 11:30pm
Perkins well over 70%. Reports coming in from victory party. Wish I were there.

Sept 14 - 2:30 pm
Report from Perkins/Smikle Harlem Battleground: Vote for Basil the Plant

A correspondent reports:
I'm in Harlem canvassing for Bill Perkins with other parents. You have to see Basil Smickle's canvassers, he hired crack heads to canvass for him by wearing Vote for Basil t-shirts!!!! LOL. I'm not joking, he is paying them $200-$300 a day. Come see for yourself. That's a great use of the charter lobby money.
People might end up writing in Basil Paterson, David's dad when they see the Basil shirts. Or just the plant.

Just in - don't know if it will work. Direct audio from the Perkins/Smickle battle. Hear how they are getting paid - cash off the books.

Drat - didn't upload.

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