Thursday, September 23, 2010

Trailer for The Inconvenient Truth About Waiting for Superman Released

There's a new web site for the film GEM is doing (Thanks Mona):

Here is the trailer.

Press advisory coming tomorrow.


  1. After watching the trailer, I feel like crying. Will they hear the truth, for those billionaires have their ears closed to the real needs of educating our children?

    I found myself sick watching Oprah yesterday...the anger out there is sickening.

    Teacher's unions portrayed as the sole villian...which is so upside down.

    BETRAYAL is the word that comes to mind & it is happening at so many levels in our society. BETRAYAL of the founding principles of this country. The whole idea of SEPARATE but EQUAL comes to mind. Will any school district take someone to court to say that what is going on is a segregationist scam. Let's take it to the Supreme Court. Who's up for it?

    I HOPE the MESSAGE that OUR FILM portrays is spread loud & wide. Please what is happening in this country needs to be stopped & reversed.

    I am so excited about the film & look forward to seeing it at the end of Oct. BRAVO!


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