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Stuart Varney Show on Faux Business Network Invites South Bronx Teacher After Evan Stone Appearance

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Okay. I'll admit it. Sometimes even I am afraid to look into the mind of a Bronx teacher, who runs the South Bronx School blog, never sure exactly what will fly out. But I love the guy. And not just because he joined the ICE/TJC slate in the UFT election. Some people find him a little rough at the edges, but it works for me. So follow these developments and don't forget to listen tonight.

The Evan Stone/Sydney Morris faux anti-union E4E group with the Missing 700 have been publicized by the faux press at the Wall St. Journal and Fox - from now on to be known as Faux - News.

Real teacher/blogger South Bronx Teacher, who took exception (Little Evan Stone Unfair And Unbalanced).

So did other bloggers:
NYC Educator: Ship of Fools
Miss Eyre (Educators 4 Actually Being Educators)
I took my shots too in these posts: 
She's Coming For The Ed Deformers - and ... 
The Stuart Varney show on Faux Business Network, so wants to work over teachers, they gave Evan a nice long slot to spout his position. He does have time on his hands after leaving teaching after 3 (or is it 2) years. Children first, you know. Interesting how Faux Business Network doesn't seem to be using value added for all the analysts in the business world who failed to call the financial crisis. Ahhh, that business world version of tenure. And how about that Alan Greenspan?

Well South Bronx's diatribe led to an invitation from the Varney show:
Would you be willing to come on our show next week and tell us why Evan Stone is a “dog?” We want the other side of his argument and you seem quite passionate about it. Feel free to email me anytime. We’d love to do this Wednesday, Thursday or Friday next week.

Jake Novak
Senior Producer
Varney & Company
Fox Business Network
212 601 7991
Now lots of people would jump at the chance. But SBS has a few issues. First he is anonymous and a target of the DOE. At one point he used his blog to expose his school admins for covering up their own abuse of children. They sent him away for awhile but he as exonerated and they are gone while he is still there. A rare win for the good guys. Do you think the Varney show is really interested in a veteran teacher who put his career on the line to protect children?
SBS replies:
Hmmmm. Interesting. First thing that comes to my mind is what General Ackbar said as the Rebel Alliance came out of hyperspace.*
Will Stuart Varney climb into my colon as deep as he did for Stone?
SBS asked a bunch of fellow bloggers for advice:
Here's some Advice from the advisers:
1. They want you not to be vulgar but to defend what they term vulgarity. That's a no-win.
2. No way would I take that bait... Publicity is great, but fox news? What is the point of going on- its not news, its not even real debate- its all manufactured, scripted, and preplanned. I wouldn't give them the satisfaction
3. even if he has facts and arguments prepped they won't let him go there. They will use this as an assault because he has been so graphic. They will flash stuff on the screen about past even if he did good by exposing his admin and was punished for it. They have an agenda and want him because it fits their agenda.
4. I think it's a trap. They will bait you by extracting some of the most outrageous stuff you wrote and will try to make you look bad as a way to smear all teachers. I think Arthur Goldstein or Michael Fiorillo or Leonie. But I bet they wouldn't go for a sub which would reveal their true intention.
What did South Bronx School Decide to do?
Not taking any bait. Rule #1 is control the message. And that is how I plan to proceed. Their request will be honored but instead of doing it on FAUX News it will be honored on my internet radio show Tuesday night at 9PM. It will be an hour of rebuttal. Forthright, lucid, intriguing, yet delightfully and blissfully tasteful. If any wishes to join me in the deconstructing please feel free. I am offering a $5 gift card for Dairy Queen.

Earlier this week in my blog; http://southbronxschool.blogspot.com/2010/09/little-evan-stone-unfair-and-unbalanced.html I wrote about an artificial turf organizer Evan Stone appearance on FOX Business Channel https://www.dropbox.com/s/9wzwn2b25lwkt77/FBN_09-14-2010_10.16.47.wmv Evan and Educators4Excellence bill themselves as an alternative for teachers. An alternative for what should be asked. In this broadcast, I will discuss why I think Evan and his cohorts are not good for education, and most importantly students. The call in # is (917) 932-8721

I'm going to take that Dairy Queen offer and add a few shekels and go get myself a Dairy Queen Blizzard.

But I'll offer my Blizzard to Jake Novak if he shows some balls and invites Goldstein and Fiorillo (both of whom also ran against the Unity Caucus leadership - so they have some chops as critics of the UFT - on the show.

*It's a trap!!!!!!

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