Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Revealing Wash Post and Kaplan Scams

Hi norm,
I'm chemtchr.  I put a blog diary up on Daily Kos yesterday that I think you might link to.
It's really about connecting the vile revelations about Kaplan college scams, with Kaplan's (and thus the Washington Posts) K-12 for-profit involvement.  It exposes the reasons behind the Posts rabid advocacy of everything Michelle Rhee does.  The links open a new and unexpected avenue of counter-attack, and are a little funny.
Here's the intro paragraph- it is a long piece;
On Tuesday, Sept 7, Senator Durbin of Illinois opens  long-promised congressional hearings to investigate predatory, illegal practices by for-profit college chains, including Kaplan Higher Education, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Washington Post. Kaplan Higher Education derives 85% of its revenues from federal funds, and we the people have been robbed; but that is only the tip of an iceberg.  Kaplan has also penetrated into local public education, in for-profit markets the public doesn't even know exist.  Because the Washington Post relies on Kaplan for 62% of its total revenues and almost all of its profits, it is agressive and brutal in its retaliation against any politicians who oppose its education-profit agenda.  It will take courage for senators to turn over these rocks, and determination for citizens to find accurate reports.
There is a full page of connect-the dots, and then finally, here are the links:


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