Friday, September 3, 2010

UFT Will Ensure Class Size Limits Are Followed

From UFT Chapter Update:
Based on your reports, the UFT will be using the expedited grievance procedure in the contract to ensure that our class size limits are enforced.
It sure is good the UFT is doing this. I seem to remember the chapter leader at Francis Lewis HS filing 65 or more over size grievances last year. Even won most. DOE ignored many of the "wins." UFT response?_____

With the UFT "ensure" means they'll provide you the energy drink so you can handle all the extra kids.

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  1. Where is Inside Unity Caucus to say I told you so about all of the changes being madeat UFT. Rona? Casey? Gentile? It looks like they are all still there. It's too bad but maybe Inside isn't that much inside after all. Please explain what is going on.

  2. Let's keep dreaming that the UFT will ever enforce a class size limit. They are too busy sitting around drinking their coffee.

  3. UFT has no power to enforce its contract. DOE ignores them or UFT makes deals with them and the contract goes out the window.

  4. LOL That Ensure comment was funny as hell but true.

  5. What's happening with the class-size lawsuit?

  6. They probably "won" - like the CFE suit - but never bothered to tell anyone other than do a PR piece. Then they would actually have to do something to enforce it.

  7. It's the same as the closing schools lawsuit. UFT won and then let them put new schools in anyway.

  8. Leonie updated me on the class-size lawsuit at her blog NYC Public School Parents:

    Leonie Haimson said...
    thanks for asking! the city is appealing the decision of Judge Barone of the Bronx Supreme Court that the court has jurisdiction over their compliance.

  9. The Bunker is Almost Finished.
    Michael Forde and his gang left 52 Broadway Thursday with Mulgrew's bunker just about finished; naturally, there was a cost overage, just like there is with everytninbg PBA man Hickey touches.
    Forde owes Mulgrew for not blowing the whistle on non-union work at the S.C.A. for which Forde took some nice bribes.
    Mulgrew and his "take it to the next level" press secretary Dick Riley are livid with PBA Man Hickey for lying to Gotham SChools- the home health care providers have been complaining that Mulgrew acted as though they didnt exist and they are demanding to know where their dues monney is going after Hickey said the UFT "lost" members. THey have been advised never to pay dues in cash-for obvious reasons.
    Hickey sure "lost them," all 36,000 of them,mainly black and LAtina women, the same ones he keeps under the $30,000 salary range while he and the big shots wine and dine on the UFT teat.
    Mulgrew is so angry that he is thinking of keeping Hickey (how do you still from cops?) out of the bunker but Eva Braun is allowed in for sure.
    Another year of the union getting hammered on the $100 million ATR's -a creation of Weingarten, Mulgrew and Hickey.
    Mulgrew was close to a contract with the mayor last week who was offering two zeros for two years.
    Mulgrew demanded three zeros for three years, saying three is more than two. All the sycophants in the bunker nodded in agreement.
    They are paying a consultant a big fee to come up with a slogan, something like THREE IS BETTER THAN TWO!

  10. Gotta come up with something better than the bunker for us to believe you have real inside information.

  11. You don't need inside information. Just read the Daily News, where Mulgrew complains about high-stakes testing--weeks after agreeing to tie teacher employment to test scores.

    You couldn't make this stuff up.

  12. I have no idea who these insiders are or how far inside they are. Who really cares? The UFT is corrupt and will get more and more corrupt as things for members deteriorate. Mulgrew can never be Randi who was a genius at managing the members. But even that was wearing thin.

    Her style dictated that there could never be a talented successor in place - think how Shanker groomed Feldman and how they both groomed Randi. She groomed no one and plucked Mulgrew out of obscurity. Bodden was the best chance in that she had some of Randi's skills but when she grew too popular inside the caucus and in the schools she was pushed aside by the queen.

  13. Wow! Norm you have no understanding of what goes on at the UFT. This last blurb about Bodden was proof. You have lost your mind--seek help or a new hobby as you are weeks away from the nursing home anyway.

  14. Norm is the inside Unity guy.


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