Wednesday, September 1, 2010

TAGNYC Has Advice for Reassignment Personnel Awaiting Word of Assignment from the DOE

Teachers, Counselors, Other Affected UFT Personnel:

Some Reassigned Personnel have received emails from the DOE telling them to report to a central location. Many others have yet to be contacted.

The DOE has our information. However, should you not receive notification by September 7th, TAGNYC advises to report to 65 Court Street in Brooklyn (Borough Hall stop on the Lexington Avenue line)or to any DOE Human Resource location in your borough if one exists. Or report to the DOE Administrative Offices in Long Island City (address below). Demand to speak to a Human Resource person and demand to sign in. Stay at that location and call the Union and tell them you have reported to duty and give your location. Be sure to get the UFT person's name. If you are going to 65 Court Street (meaning you have not heard by late September 6th, we would appreciate being advised so we can let others know we will have company.

The UFT is powerless to get the DOE to move any faster than it wants to or is able to. An email to the UFT will serve only to document that you contacted the UFT.

Below is a copy of a letter an email received by a Reassigned Person.


I also received an email from Support HR at 1:38 pm today. Part of the email says as follows:

On 9/7/2010 12:00:00 PM, you must report to the following location for details and information on your new assignment.

DOE Administrative Offices
45-18 Court Square
Long Island City, NY 11101

At that time, you will be met by staff handling reassignments and will be given specific information about the exact location to which you will report, the assignment and the supervisor.

Please bring with you a valid picture identification (either DOE ID card or other government issued ID). Any questions concerning your reassignment will be addressed at this meeting.

Please bring a printout of this email with you.

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  1. not bad idea, signing in somewhere is a lot better than being ducked from your next paycheck.


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