Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Late, Late Show: Playing My Cards in The Odd Couple

I was offered a part in the upcoming Rockaway Theatre Company production of The Odd Couple which will be running over 3 weekends in December. I auditioned on a lark since I am taking acting classes there just for fun. I tried out for the wise guy Speed and Roy the accountant. But they offered me Vinnie, the whiney, hen-pecked whimpy guy. They must have seen this as typecasting though I strongly protest the type ---uh, just a minute---What honey? Take out the trash? And then clean the house? After I go shopping or before?

Sorry, gotta go.

After burn
In last year's acting class I got a chance to be anything but a whimp. We all had to do monologues. An audience was invited and this was the first time I performed live. I was given a perfect piece -  Eric Bogossian's Talk Radio where the host goes on a rant directed towards the radio audience.  The radio show, based in Cleveland, was scheduled to go national the next night and the calls were beyond stupid. What a wonderful way to get it all out of your system even though it was around 7 minutes and I had a hell of a time remembering the lines - which is obvious at certain points. I nailed those lines in the last rehearsal shortly before. I shamelessly put the rant up on you tube.

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