Friday, June 17, 2011

CORE/Chicago Party Tonight to Support the Puerto Rican Teachers Union

We've been reporting on the situation in Puerto Rico for years - just search FMPR on this blog for loads of background.

The union, led by Rafael Feliciano who has led them valiantly, is under unprecedented attack. It gives you one idea of why the UFT/AFT leadership are so afraid to fight back - their cushy positions would be threatened. Rafi pulled the FMPR out of the AFT back in 2003 calling them blood-sucking something or others (I don't speak Spanish). He is an amazing guy and we had him here at a GEM meeting and got some great footage of him for our film - he has one of the funniest lines.

We are all chipping in to bring him to Chicago for our big conference on July 6 and if you are interested in helping out send a check to Ed Notes, Inc. 518 Beach 134 St. Belle Harbor, NY 11694 - indicate it is for that reason. If you want to send a check to support our movie expenses (4000 dvds and mailing costs have put us thousands in the hole send it to the same place - just say what it is for.)

Rafael Feliciano (right), GEM co-founder Angel Gonzalez and GEM/ICE Lisa North

A CORE Party to Support the Puerto Rican Teachers Union as they Face Unprecedented Attacks
On Friday, June 17th, CORE is having a party to help the president of the  Puerto Rican Teachers Union pay for his plane ticket to Chicago. This is so that Rafael Feliciano and another teacher from the island can come to our National Teachers Conference on July 6th (register if you haven’t already).  It is also Sara Chambers’ 25th bday (quarter life crisis), and we will be grilling boca burgers, meat patties and hot dogs.

We will be having some extreme four square matches, which you probably haven’t experienced since elementary school.  Spirits will be provided but donation is encouraged.

The party is located at 1229 N Bosworth Ave (Milwaukee and Division).  The party will run from 4:30pm-Late.

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