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Outrage at Eva Moskowitz: Parents of Brooklyn Autistic Students to Boycott PS 368K, Vow Not To Move Aside for Success Academy Charter Invasion/PEP Monday Night

Ed Notes will be there to cover events.

Panel for Educational Policy

On Monday, June 26 the DOE's Panel on Educational Policy will discuss Charter School Relocations at IS 308 in Brooklyn and a number of other schools. Join the UFT, NY Communities for Change and the Coalition for Public Education to protest at Prospect Heights High School 883 Classon Avenue (near Eastern Parkway)-- take the 2,3 or 4 trains to the Eastern Parkway/ Brooklyn Museum Station.
See you on Monday @ 6 PM!

 The Grassroots Education Movement will also be there.
Press Advisory
Date: Monday, June 27, 2011
Times: 8:30 am, PS 368 Entrance/10:30 am, DOE Tweed 52 Chambers St. 
Contact: Basilica E. L. Johnson (732-688-8099)
Outraged Parents of Brooklyn Autistic Students to Boycott PS 368K and Vow Not To Move Aside
for a Brooklyn Success Academy Charter School Invasion

What, When and Where: 
On Monday, June 27 at 8:30 am, courageous, fed-up parents from PS 368K will gather for a press conference in front of their school at the IS 33 campus on 70 Tompkins Ave. Brooklyn. Then they will march with their children and travel from this site to Tweed at 52 Chambers Street, NYC for a second press conference at 10:30 am.

Basilica E. L. Johnson, P.T.A. President of The Star/P368K program in District 75, is also the parent of a 10 year old autistic son, who attends this public school program of about 100 special needs students.. She has organized a parent walk-out to protest the co-location of Success Academy at K03370 Tompkins Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11206 in School District 14. The school site currently houses three schools: Urban Assembly School for the Urban Environment-14K330, an existing DOE district middle school that serves sixth through eighth grade, the Foundations Academy-14K322, an existing high school that serves nine through twelfth grade, and lastly, an existing District 75 school "PS368 . The building also houses an Alternative Learning Center-88K988, a suspension center serving grades 9-12.
Why a walkout? 
Ms. Johnson asserts, “The Success Academy has already made it known that it plans to alter the gymnasium space allocated for the children of District 75, which includes a population of autistic, learning disabled and emotionally disturbed children. That will just be the beginning with no end. Once the Success Academy is in place, it will start devouring space like the beginning stages of a Cancer growth that spreads until it has consumed the entire entity. This is evident at P.S. 15 in Red Hook, Brooklyn where special education students are receiving their services in hallways and stairwells, all so that PAVE Academy Charter School can have more classrooms. Or, at P.S. 241, in Harlem, where public school students are now forced to learn in basement classrooms bordering the boiler room, all so that Harlem Success Academy Charter School can have more space upstairs.

Help us to send a message to the DOE that public schools matter because our children matter. Help us send the same message to Eva Moskowitz, a former city-council member with no former teaching qualifications and whose only interest is that of her being the CEO of Success Academy. We do not want her idea of “change” at our school.”

Therefore, the emboldened parents of PS 368K with their special needs children are taking a passionate
stand to say NO MORE! Ms. Johnson insists, “Our children have been short changed and pushed aside
for too long. And let it be duly noted that autistic children do not conform to change readily. They cannot
be pushed from this space to that space, this floor to that floor and still maintain the fragile stability their
teachers so expertly nurture.”

Very Real Parent Fears: 
With unfair public school cut-backs, and so-called “modifications” to special education guidelines that supposedly “streamline” services, the parents of special needs children live in daily fear about what actions will be taken next to marginalize their children. Charter schools do not educate these high needs students, yet they flourish on billionaire funding and DOE privileges, absorbing more and more public school space and resources. Ms. Johnson concludes, “Are our children with special needs all going to be placed by the DOE in one-room school settings, where all needs classifications co-mingle together and where all mandated services, as per federal regulation orders, are only a pretense on an I.E.P. form?” What happened to real and humane differentiation of instruction?

Jitu Weusi, life-long activist for educational and civil rights justice, astute veteran of the successful 1968
Brownsville community-control-of-public-schools movement and current chairperson of the Brooklyn chapter of the city-wide Coalition for Public education, cogently predicts, “Success Academy has a history of vamping on the dreams of the poor. Their day of recompense is coming!”


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Anonymous said...

Norm, have you heard about the Eva protest of the UFT, scheduled for 52 Broadway at 8:15 tomorrow?

ed notes online said...

I haven't heard but given the PEP meeting tomorrow night that seems unlikely - also the time - unless they plan to send buses to Prospect Hts HS for the meeting and pack them up and move them there.

Anonymous said...

8:15 a.m.