Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hot Stuff for Today

I'm off to the city to do a video shoot for this Manhattan Neighborhood Network TV show - Active Aging - that I work on. An artist in the Village. What else is new? I need to take a shower first- still feel dirty after seeing a great performance by Mark Rylance in Jerusalem last night - but 3 hours of watching people who are basically despicable? My wife is trying to find the meaning behind it. I don't really care that much. Worst part of the evening? The long line at Junior's at 10pm. I had spent the entire 3 hours dreaming of that cheese cake.

Diane Ravitch nails 'em again in this op ed in the NY Times:
OPINION   | June 01, 2011
Op-Ed Contributor:  Waiting for a School Miracle 
Be skeptical of stories of rapid educational transformation.

Also check out this video recommended by Diane:
Michael Paul Goldenberg

illustrates the Ravitch piece

Please read the latest post at Rational Mathematics Education: An Open Letter to US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan
"According to news reports, press releases, and other records, from 2003 through late 2006 you lent your support to Spizzirri's organization in various ways, including appearing as an animated cartoon character on SALF's website.

Subsequently, a November 2006 ABC7 I-Team story reported that SALF and Spizzirri engaged in a variety of serious misrepresentations. In that broadcast, you yourself raise doubts about SALF's claims. Since then, the organization has been the subject of dozens more media exposes including an October 11, 2010 article in The Hill reporting that SALF was under investigation by the Illinois Attorney General's Charitable Trust Bureau. An investigation by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also appears to be underway.

Here is Susan Ohanian's daily digest for today, stuff that will keep you busy:
I know you'll want to see the two cartoons. One of them is related to Gus Garcia-Roberts' experience with a Florida diploma mill. This will be a classic:

And the other one is laugh-out loud funny:

What a relief to find something funny in these days of constant outrage and horror that pose as public education.


To the editor
Stephen Krashen
New York Daily News

This letter is a wowser!!

 I Cheated My Way Through High School Last Week
 Gus Garcia-Roberts
Miami New Times

How is it that a student attending a legitimate high school for four years cannot get a diploma without passing the FCAT but this for-profit outfit can hand over a diploma with the only requirement being payment of $399? Take a look at exams that qualified him for the diploma.

Standards Supports for Teachers Eyed
Stephen Sawchuk
Education Week blog

 Another Gates-funded standards delivery system.

Avoiding the Poverty Issue
Paul Thomas
New York Times Online Room For Debate

New York Times online forum Room for Debate asked the question  What do we know about using student achievement tests to judge teacher performance? Paul Thomas was the only respondent who addressed the real issue.

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