Friday, June 3, 2011

Weiner's Weiner Signs E4E Loyalty Oath

E4E continues to grow as member expands
  • Leads to massive E4E member growth. 
  • Gotham Schools report of 2500 members expected to expand.
  • Weiner's weiner to appear on next E4E panel along with Shael Polokow-Suransky and Leo Casey as part of a trio.


  1. I am upset and near tears. Weiner needs to come clean. I thought he supported LIFO. Very disappointing.

  2. didn't Weiner's Weiner get a big grant from the Gates Foundation first?

  3. Really, I find this no big deal.... yeah, he should not have done it. But who are we to judge. I am not married to his wife nor do I know his home life, nor do I need him to explain it to me. He does his job well and no one had an issue till the pics were out. It is SAD that people are using something this small to ruin a man. This is between him and his family not the rest of us. Grow the Hell Up.


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