Friday, June 10, 2011

Pics From Fightback Friday at Lyons School/Cops Arrive Over Teacher Writing With Chalk/Pics From Lehman HS Rally

I got back at noon from my 3 day trip to FIRST HQ in New Hampshire for the annual robotics conference just in time to head into the city for the Fight Back Friday press conference at City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's 30th St. offices (video will be up tomorrow). There were lots of activities going on simultaneously. Here are pics from 2 locations:

The Lyons School (East Williamsburg - actually at the old IS 49 building a few blocks from where I taught. As these pics came into the Blackberrys there were rumors a teacher was arrested for writing in chalk on the sidewalk mailbox (and erasing it).  (there goes Skelly and other chalk-driven memories of childhood.)
Pics below the fold

Lehman HS in the Bronx

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