Friday, June 24, 2011

Sighs of Relief as UFT Snatches Defeat From the Jaws of Victory

Friday, June 25, 10:30PM -

 Planning a sabbatical next year (2012-13)? Forget it. UFT has suspended them, perhaps with other givebacks, to avoid the emergency layoffs that a 3.2 billion dollar surplus necessitates.  -Arthur Goldstein, chapter leader at Francis Lewis HS on Facebook

Protesters have come up the steps and are yelling, banging and chanting loudly outside front door of Tweed. Feels like Tweed is under attack- Tweet from Lindsay Christ, NY 1
Looks like our pals at Bloombergville are not happy. Imagine if they were joined by teachers with cancelled sabbaticals and the ATRs. Both group are losers in this settlement.

I use "relief" in the headline with irony as people are rejoicing over the deal between the UFT and Bloomdud to avoid layoffs. Bloomberg was bluffing, trying to use the layoff threat to browbeat everyone into giving up seniority. When that didn't work it was clear he wasn't going to lay off his favorite Teach for America and E$E newbies. We were also reporting a high number of retirees and scuttlebutt from the schools that so many 3rd teachers who had their tenure extended were disgusted enough to leave the system. We also felt that the system could not be run without some level of chaos if it lost so much personnel. [NOTE: thanks to Unity slug for pointing out that sabbaticals are for the 2012-13 year - still a loss and another part of the contract sold off even if people think it is minor - anyway, who is going to teach long enough to even get a sabbatical?]

So given that Bloomberg was in a box, the UFT handed him a crowbar.

Here was a chance to force them to cut out the bullshit consultants and high priced programs but someone blinked.

On the other hand, next year when Bloomberg tries it again who will believe him? But by that time they may have browbeaten seniority protections out of the system. If I were an ATR I would be worried as they are target number one. Is there anything in this deal that opens up the door to going after them since they are Bloomberg's major target?

Then there's the fact that even though no layoffs, there is attrition - with retirements and the fed-ups gone how many less personnel will there be?

Well, by the reactions, people seem happy so far because they look at this short term. I'm with Reality Based Educator who commented on this post:
I think the agreement should have been that the CityTime and DOE tech consultants work as per diem subs, but only in their own districts. Well, at least the ones that haven't been arrested for stealing.


Anonymous said...

The Sabbaticals, my Teir 1 friend, are not for 2011-2012, there for 2012-2013.

This is great deal. everyone wins.

ed notes online said...

You certainly win, with your Tier 1 and UFT pension along with your 6 figure salary.

reality-based educator said...

I think the agreement should have been that the CityTime and DOE tech consultants work as per diem subs, but only in their own districts.

Well, at least the ones that haven't been arrested for stealing.

Anonymous said...

The ATR 's now have more protection than they had before.

Anonymous said...

It is "tier", not "teir" my Unity friend!!!

ed notes online said...

Shed a teir for the atrs.

Anonymous said...

How about being thankful that nobody is losing a job! I am tired of always reading how everyone could do things better! What you could have/would have done. It is easy to comment if you are not the one who is being targeted! I am thankful because this is one less stress "I" have to worry about.

Anonymous said...

KUDOS Mulgrew! No one is being sold out!

ed notes online said...

You all said that in 2005 over the contract battle. I understand but from the long perspective you all will end up being back in the 50's. Sometimes a union has to take a stand. Maybe not this time but one thing everyone knows about the UFT - it will not make a stand and will always compromise. A political analysis ala RBE shows Bloomberg was bluffing. You will find that there are hidden things here that will make things worse than they seem on the surface - that is the entire history of the relationship between the UFT leadership and Tweed. I have faith in the UFT leadership that it will always give more than it gets.


I am an ATR and have arthritis. How do I go from school to school every week?

Anonymous said...

the Tweed Courthouse, was built in Italianate style with Romanesque Revival interiors, using funds provided by the corrupt William M. "Boss" Tweed, whose Tammany Hall political machine controlled the city and state governments at the time

Ironic that these givebacks were announced there

@ed notes
Is this the tip of the iceberg?

Anonymous said...

The unions said they would offer $262 million from the union health fund to help the city out of its budget bind in exchange for a no-layoff pledge.
Daily News

Doug Singsen said...

Hey Norm, proud Bloombergviller here. Thanks for the press and the kudos but when are you coming to visit us?? Would be great to see you before (or better yet, at) the final hurrah at the Council vote on Tuesday. Protest starts at noon, it's the place to be!


Anonymous said...

To the first anon. it is "they're" not there.

Many people will be losing jobs. They are the subs who are called in every day. The ATRs who lost permanent jobs through no fault of their own are going to be running around like chickens without heads. How unfair to treat employees, many of whom have spent years in the system, like part timeers. What will become of class sizes? Will they go up as people retire and no one is hired? Oh, maybe the classes will be covered by temporary sustitute teachers as the DOE and the UFT leadership don't give a damn about the children. Stability and experience mean nothing to those in power. Bloomberg wins this one because he gave up nothing and he has everything (his money, his consultants, his lucrative contracts and his POWER!).

Anonymous said...

My typing error: substitutes

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with this picture?

Dear UFT delegates,

Please be advised that there has been a special Delegate Assembly called for this Tuesday, June 27 at 4:15 p.m. at UFT headquarters.


LeRoy Barr and Ellie Engler
UFT Staff Directors

We should move our protest here

ed notes online said...

Hey Doug,
Shoot over the times. Tuesday is a busy day for me but if I can squeeze it in I will.