Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today: UFT Delegate Assembly to Sell Deal, Bloombergville Protests, Plus Video of Activists at PEP Last Night (And Happy Last Day of School!)

Tues. June 28, 2011
More on the PEP last night later tonight.

Here is a video I taped last night of Bloombergville activists singing a song to cheer people up.

Here is a press release regarding today's actions:

This spring thousands of teachers, parents, youth and allies made it clear to Bloomberg that we would not accept teacher layoffs or the manufactured education budget "crisis." While we continue to analyze
the compromise reached this past Friday, it is important to note that grassroots organizing by teachers, parents, youth and allies has been crucial to building the pressure on city and union leaders.

Let's keep up the pressure on City Council as the vote on the final budget on Tuesday. While wide-scale teacher layoffs and firehouse closings may have been averted and City Council is restoring the Geriatric Mental Health Services and Elder Abuse treatment and prevention programs, we need to support a full-scale restoration and INCREASE to ALL city services, the education budget and public sector jobs!

Join us on Tuesday 6/28 for the following actions:

Noon: Protest Bloomberg's Budget Cuts

Where? Bloombergerville, Broadway & Park Place

What? March to 49 Chambers Street where the City Council ‘Stated Meeting’ for Budget vote will take place at 1:30pm.

5pm: Family Day of Action at Bloombergville

JOIN THE BNS/BCS Political Action Coalition for FAMILY ACTION DAY TODAY   at 5:00pm to support the protesters at Bloombergville and Tell Bloomberg not to cut vital city services.

WHO? Kids, parents, families who want to keep sending the message that the remaining city budget cuts to city services and public employees will hurt New York schools and children

BRING? NOISEMAKERS -- maracas! tambourines! pots and pans! your voices!

WHERE? 250 Broadway near City Hall. Take the N/R to CityHall or 2/3 to Park Place or 4/5/6 to Brooklyn Bridge

LOOK FOR Mike and Amy in the straw cowboy/girl hats

WHAT is Bloombergville? Go to Bloombervillenow.org or search for Bloombergville on Facebook or Twitter: #bloombergville

CONTEXT. There are real revenue options that City Leaders can use to increase education and city budgets. Download the May 12 coalition report on Real Revenue Options here: http://onmay12.org/sites/default/


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