Monday, June 27, 2011

PEP Peeks

The early returns
Not a big crowd. Seems to be more security than audience. I am #2 to speak. What can I say in 2 minutes? I'll think of something.
Some NAACP and UFT and a small batch of Success people all handed orange tee-shirts by the handlers. Success Teachers wear blue. Basically no big push from Eva tonite since its a slam dunk.
Big Walcott innovation - give his report by coming off the stage.
Walcott spoke like he was doing standup. Except when teachers from Clara Barton started heckling him. He threatened to have them removed. Would love to have seen if he could get away with it. They shut up. Darn.

Patrick Sullivan asked Walcott about disastrous CEC election policy. He agrees it was flawed. Has he been dep mayor for education forever?

Cec speakers. Khem Irby and Noah Gotbaum nail them. My turn coming up. Later.
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