Thursday, June 9, 2011

True Confessions: Anthony Weiner's Weiner is My Congressman

One summer day a few years ago, Anthony Weiner stopped by our little teacher crew at the beach while campaigning to commiserate with us. "My mother taught at Midwood," he told us. He was standing there in a shirt with sleeves rolled up. His pants were also rolled up above his knees. He came across as earnest and direct. We offered him water and told him to sit down and relax a while. But campaigning has to go on and he left after about 10 minutes.

I generally don't care for many politicians. Though I began to suspect he was a closet ed deformer who supported mayoral control I still always voted for Anthony Weiner and I was rooting for him to become mayor, not the least reason was the fact that the UFT seemed to despise him (how much fun would the 2013 mayoral race have been as we watched the UFT dance over an endorsement?)

Choose any one: they all point to the same place
But who knew we were  really voting for Weiner's weiner, which obviously has control over the operation over there. I mean, this is a smart guy who did as dumb a thing as possible. "What was he thinking," everyone is asking? Well, it wasn't Weiner doing the thinking. It was Weiner's weiner. Women have pointed a basic fact out to me over the years (when you are a male working in an elementary school you get a lot of things pointed out by women) when it looked like I was going to get frisky (and not the cat food) by asking the following question:

Why do men wear ties?

Because they point to their brains.

NOTE: My wife won't vote for Weiner because she was not included on his "special" Tweet list. She is claiming age discrimination.
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Arjun said...

Probably should be Weiner's wiener. The male organ probably got its nickname from its perceived resemblance to the thin sausage attributed to the city of Vienna. The city is Wien in German, with wiener being the adjective and Wiener the adjectival noun -- denoting most commonly a resident of the city, but, at least in its lower case form here in the U.S., also the sausage -- or the masculine brains pointed to by the ties that some males wear -- for reasons never fully understood by me until you pointed it out, following your female colleagues.

The tie, or kravat may have originated not far from Vienna, in what is now the nation-state of Croatia -- hence the common European name for it. I had thought that it was supposed to simulate the male organ (in exaggerated form) but now note also that it also has a directional purpose.

See also Frankfurter, Hamburger and Berliner.

There is also the word Wein in German, which means "wine". It is unclear to me whether the Congressman's paternal ancestor took his surname from the city, or from the profession of wine-making. Probably the former, with the spelling distorted as it passed into American English via Yiddish.