Wednesday, June 29, 2011

U Ratings Galore, UFT Ignore

UPDATED: Weds. June 30, 3AM

(If you have numbers on your school send them in)

Reports are coming in of high numbers of U ratings handed out today. Supposedly Jane Addams had 20 15 and JFK 12, including the newly elected Chapter Leader.
I wonder if any of this will surface at the UFT delegate assembly today.
If you have numbers for your school send them along.
So expect our 6 figure salaried (with double pention) Unity Caucus slug to complain about our carping and point to all the teachers who didn't get U's as a victory.

This comment came in:
At Jane Addams, 15 teachers received "U" ratings, and one received a "D". I teach there, but I am one of the lucky ones.

And an email below from a teacher which on my Blackberry I misread as FDR. I did find out that 11 or 12 teachers at FDR has their tenure extended. I am hearing from people that a number of tenure extendees are so pissed they are leaving but not telling. We'll see if anything comes of this - keep an eye on that 2600 estimate of retirees and leavees. I got a call from someone Tuesday around 3pm who left a message that he was in the act of handing in his retirement papers - a 3 or 4 year ATR who has many valuable skills but just was worn down by being an ATR - the very purpose of course. I hope he shares his skills in helping to build GEM now that he is retired.

I emailed back for more info which I will add to this post.
Hi Norm,
At FDNY HS 11 teachers of 24 received U ratings.  That has to be a new record.  And the s-o-b principal bragged today about the great graduation rate and the regents passing rates.  Who the heck is responsible for that, if not the U-rated teachers?

And to ICE-mail:
Anecdotally, at least, there appears to be a spike in U ratings this year ... at least in my district ( D75) and from what I've heard, elsewhere as well.

Lots of 'em handed out to people retirement-eligible or and/or to people top scale. Probationer got one in my school and an ATR as well, I understand. The would have *easily* passed in previous years.

Has UFT acknowledged this phenomenon? Anyone collecting data on this?

Scary stuff for everybody, but esp so for those holding the U s.

I would NOT want to be looking for a teaching position at this time, in this economy with the added onus of a U rating.

We live in a beautiful world.


Anonymous said...

Have anyone who has received some sort of U rating/tenure denial/extension to please contact me. All information will be kept confidential.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Scott--
At Jane Addams, 15 teachers received "U" ratings, and one received a "D". I teach there, but I am one of the lucky ones.

You are one of my heroes. You say what many are afraid to say, and with a great deal of skill. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I don't think teachers receving a "U" can leave their current school. That's the way the contract was in the past-not sure if it's still the same.

Anotherwords, if you get a U, you have to remain in your school, an attempt to get an S the following year.

Please correct me if I'm wrong...

ed notes online said...

Who knows how they play with the rules if you have a U and are excessed? People should bombard the UFT asking these questions.

fab teach said...

We had a teacher last year who received a U and she was excessed. She was assigned to another school in our district as an ATR. She just received another U at that school but her principal had only a letter she had given her in May and an observation in June to support that rating. Our superintendent wouldn't allow her to be terminated because of the late feedback even though her probation had been extended. Imagine a "fair" superintendent! We will probably be getting this teacher back at our school.

Anonymous said...

So what is the best route to take if a U rating is received? And how long does someone have? I can also be contacted at

Anonymous said...

Yes, they're even U rating classes for which you're not licensed to teach.