Thursday, June 16, 2011

Norm Scott and Khem Irby take on Success Charter Network at Public Hearing

We attended the public hearing tonight. Success sent one person who didn't speak. The audience had 5 people from one of the current District 75 schools in the building - they will have to relocate within the school due to the Brooklyn Success invasion. The principal was with them. When Khem and I spoke they applauded. David Dobosz was with us. We hung out in the principal's office afterward where they shared some carrot cake and fruit. They were so happy we came out to support them and we made some nice connections. I gave them The Truth About Charters pamphlet and a copy of our film, which I also shared with D. 14 Superintendent Jim Quail who also spent his entire career in D. 14 as teacher and principal.

I usually am not happy when I speak, especially when it's totally off the top of my head. But this time I was a bit more coherent than usual.

If you missed Lisa Donlan and me on WBAI June 15

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