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MUST SEE - Battle for Brooklyn This Weekend at Cinema Village -

A group of us from ICE went to see the movie last night and it is a powerful indictment of the corporate-government alliance along the lines of Academy Award winning Charles Ferguson's "Inside Job."

There are also amazing parallels to our own "The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman" which Battle for Brooklyn filmmaker Michael Galinsky was kind enough to mention at last night's Q&A. The phony front group paid for by Bruce Ratner designed to divide the community - the Rev Herbert Doughtry and Acorn played a particular nefarious role - reminded us of the charter front groups. So much about the charter movement and the Atlantic yards project rings true.
The main cog in the resistance was Daniel Goldstein, a hero to many and he is the focal point of the film - he was there last night to answer questions.

One sided and proud of it

The NY Times said:
“Battle for Brooklyn,” a documentary about the unending mess that is the Atlantic Yards project, is unabashedly slanted and as a result will probably be dismissed by those it portrays unflatteringly. That’s unfortunate, because this film should be discouraging and dismaying for people on all sides of the project, for what it says about oversize expectations and missed opportunities.

I love when people accuse us of being one-sided - like when the other side has the atom bomb while we have pea-shooters we are supposed to do "fair and balanced." The same was said about our film which someone submitted to HBO where the comment equated us to the multi-million dollar Waiting for Superman and said a third film needs to be done showing the "truth." They can't handle the truth.

  1. Battle For Brooklyn | Film | Movie Review | The A.V. Club

    Jun 16, 2011 ... Most viewers should find the documentary Battle For Brooklyn gripping and provocative, no matter their opinions about eminent domain, ...,57646/
 'Battle for Brooklyn' review: Gripping documentary taps into fight ...
Jun 17, 2011 ... We all see the stories in headlines, we all walk past the neighborhood notices. But "Battle for ooklyn," a gripping documentary about how ...

This weekend is the only showings so far and by supporting the film you will help get it into other theaters. SO GO!!!



Michael Galinsky is the director of the movie on the Atlantic Yards and has recently been getting involved in the ed battles as his child goes to a co-located school. He has been very supportive of "The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman". His next movie may be aimed at the ed deform crowd. Try to get over to see his movie this weekend to show support for the struggle against corporate takeovers whether in schools or entire neighborhoods. 

Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn Newsletter
June 13, 2011

Watch Battle For Brooklyn This Weekend -- Help The Film Go National


In this issue:
> Must-see Movie: Battle for Brooklyn Opens June 17th at Cinema Village

> Weds, June 15: UNITY 4 Community Meeting -- Let's Do Better Than an Arena and Acres of Parking

> Must-see Movie: Battle for Brooklyn Opens June 17th at Cinema Village

In this weekend's Daily News sports feature article on Bruce Ratner the developer asserted, "Groundbreaking alone was vindication of sorts. But, of course, the final frosting on the vindication cake will be when we open the doors." (Strenuous rebuttal here.)

So, despite his empty slogan of "Jobs, Housing, and Hoops"--he sold off the Nets and half of the arena (which will be a net loser for the City) to a Russian oligarch, is providing 7 jobs for local workers and shown no sign of a single unit of affodable housing or promised public open space, leading to decades of massive surface parking lots揺e takes a bow and claims "vindication."

But Mr. Ratner can no longer deny reality or attempt to rewrite history because our community's principled, tenacious, and epic fight, and the way Ratner's arena came to be, has been captured for all history in a new, riveting documentary: Battle for Brooklyn.

After just winning Best Documentary and Best Film at the Brooklyn Film Festival, Clinton Hill filmmakers Suki Hawley, Mike Galinsky and David Beilinson eight-year-in-the-making movie is making its theatrical debut.

Here's the short version of why it is so important to get big crowds to see the film this coming weekend. Please use this, (and expand upon it if you wish) to email your friends and spread the word:

> > Battle for Brooklyn Screens at Cinema Village, Starting Friday, JUNE 17th
Battle for Brooklyn, the critically acclaimed movie about our epic community fight against Atlantic Yards, will begin its theatrical run on June 17th at Cinema Village in Manhattan (22 East 12th Street).


We urge you to attend a screening of the film when it opens at Cinema Village on the opening weekend of June 17, 18 and 19, and urge you to encourage your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues to go as well.

If the film is well attended during this opening weekend, it will be booked for screenings in well over 100 cities, and we will be ensured that our fight, and the reasons for it, will always be remembered.

Please make every effort to attend a screening this weekend (there will be five screenings each day at 1, 3, 5, 7, 9:15)
Help get this important and universal story told all over the country!


Now, for something a little longer and in-depth (this text is also online at:

Clinton Hill filmmakers Mike Galinsky, Suki Hawley and David Beilinson's eight-year-in-the making epic film about our epic community fight against Atlantic Yards--Battle for Brooklyn--made its US premiere when it opened the Brooklyn Film Festival on June 3rd to two sold out screenings, and just won best film in the festival. The film opens theatrically on June 17th at Cinema Village in Manhattan (22 East 12th Street). Showtimes each day are 1,3,5,7 and 9:15.


Why is it so important that you attend a screening this opening weekend of the 17th, 18th or 19th, and why are we exhorting you to gather as many friends, colleagues and family to attend? Well, first off, it is a riveting and remarkable film. It captures the essence of the fight in a compelling, dramatic narrative that will make you laugh and cry, and it has universal appeal. But also because well-attended screenings on those dates at Cinema Village will ensure that the film gets booked in well over 100 cities around the country.

Why does that matter? Here's why:

There is a scene in the film with Mayor Bloomberg speaking at the arena groundbreaking ceremony, with protestors in earshot outside the elites' tent. The Mayor says, "Nobody's going to remember how long it took, they're only gonna look and see that it was done."
We know he is wrong. But the success of Battle for Brooklyn will ensure that our story, the community's commitment to the principled fight will forever be at the forefront of any history of Atlantic Yards.

We urge you to please help make the film the success it rightfully should be, and to reward and support the filmmakers' extraordinary commitment--sticking with the story for eight years because they knew how important it was to tell it on film.
If Battle for Brooklyn screens around the country large, new audiences will learn of and be inspired by the principled and tenacious fight our community waged against the preposterous and destructive Atlantic Yards project, against the sort of government abuses that have become so commonplace across this country that nearly every community is struggling with the issues we've struggled with here in Brooklyn. The media narrative that the developer paid for (and continues to do so) will be revealed, to a wide audience, as mythology. Audiences will also see, and come to understand, the corrupt actions of Forest City Ratner and its friends in government. We are confident that national audiences will connect with the film; the audiences at the film's two sold-out Hot Docs festival screenings in Toronto loved the movie.
We urge you attend an opening weekend screening and to encourage your sphere of contacts to see the film at Cinema Village on June 17, 18 or 19.
If you can get five to ten people (or more!) to see the film that opening weekend, it will be a tremendous boost to the film.
Also, if you are a Facebook user, blogger or Twitter-er, please use those methods to alert your networks to the film and its June 17th opening weekend.

>> More information about the film, including a synopsis, can be found at

>> The film's Facebook page is at:
Battle for Brooklyn has had a great reception in the press, even before it has started its theatrical run. Here's a small sample

"The movie...has heart, soul and chutzpah...Feisty but fairly reported...The time line that drives 'Battle for Brooklyn' makes it as urgent as any Hollywood thriller."
-- Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News

"Battle for Brooklyn is a riveting flick that shows how real estate developers use sports to seize other people's property and enrich themselves with taxpayer subsidies; it is about how corporate interests enlist their allies in government to get what they want, even if that means lying to the public and screwing people who lack deep pockets and political connections."
 -- Michael O'Keeffe, New York Daily News

"Superb storytelling and great characters, especially charismatic city councillor Letitia James, make this a must-see."
-- Susan G. Cole, Now Toronto

Much more media praise can be found at

> Weds, June 15: UNITY 4 Community Meeting -- Let's Do Better Than an Arena and Acres of Parking
Forest City Ratner is constructing the arena, but the rest of the demolished 22 acre site is a big questions mark...except for enormous "interim" surface parking lots. We, as a community, need to change this future for the coming decades.

In order to plan, set a better framework, and change the dynamic for the future development of the site Councilmember Letitia James, Senator Velmanette Montgomery and Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn invite you to UNITY 4, a community meeting on Wednesday, June 15th to discuss the community's plans for the Atlantic Yards site, with the UNITY Plan and its principles as a jumping off point.

Wednesday, June 15. 7pm
at Atlantic Commons, 388 Atlantic Avenue (between Hoyt and Bond) [MAP]

The meeting will include a presentation by UNITY Plan designers and architects Marshall Brown, Ron Shiffman, and Tom Angotti, a discussion of the current and future status of the site and Q&A with a panel including elected officials. Your ideas, thoughts and input will be invaluable to the meeting.

The UNITY 4 community meeting is sponsored by:
Assemblymembers James Brennan and Joan Millman. Senators Eric Adams and Bill Perkins. Councilmembers Brad Lander, Stephen Levin, District Leaders Chris Owens and Jo Anne Simon, Council of Brooklyn Neighborhoods, Pratt Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment, Park Slope Neighbors, Park Slope Greens, Four Borough Neighborhood Preservation Alliance, Prospect Heights Democrats for Reform, Park Slope Civic Council, Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats


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