Monday, June 13, 2011

Graduating (former struggling) Student Voices Opinion on Beach Channel HS

Here are a series of comments left by chilenkon, a student who just graduated after what looks like years of struggle (note the change in point of view from blaming the school to taking some responsibility). BCHS is a school the DOE is trying to close but is part of the NAACP/UFT suit. I live in Rockaway Beach, a barrier penninsula that is not easily accessible. This is my local neighborhood school and its closing forces students to do a lot of traveling to mainland schools, putting the most at-risk, non-motivated students in a precarious situation. Stories like these are part of the underlying reasons for the law suit. I will be at the press conference today supporting the NAACP (New York City Parents and Community Stakeholders To Convene Press Conference Supporting NAACP Lawsuit).

chilenkon has made a comment on Beach Channel High School:
well, am a recent graduate at BCHS class of jan tell u the truth i dnt think this school should be closing... i call this school a 2nd chance school, why?..because i should've been graduated in '08 from '08 i just began to start doing good at Far Rock and when i was 4 credits away from graduating from FR they slam the doors on me saying they cnt give me the classes i needed...
 believe it or not once they said that i though that i was gonna end up on the streets with no diploma, no shot on going to college, work on a low paid wage flipping burgers or w.e..... i been judging this school all my life thinking it was a bad school i always said that the teachers, guidance, and staffs are just like from FR....
.but i was wrong BCHS i believe the 2nd baddest school, welcomed me with open arms and helped me with what i was supposed to do.. in '10 i gave up on this school thinking i should take the easy step and went for my G.E.D. after all that i felt like i gave up 2 easy only being 4 credits away and BC didnt gave up on me....they still had all my info and i came back to the school..and wit having almost 20 staff members behind my back pushin me to get through, i have successfully graduated.......
hopefully the DOE or BOE see this comment, and see that this school does its best to have a better graduation % rate (it is upto the students if they want it or not)..its a great a quote i read ''dnt judge a book by its cover'' so i say....dnt judge BC from the outside or from what the papers say or the graduation % rate is, give it a chance like they gave me the chance to be successful

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