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I am that cancer survivor, and that element of Landeau's attack is the least of it While Another MS 216 Teacher Writes to Mulgrew

Yesterday I had a few conversations with people at the DA who said things along these lines:
Isn't Mulgrew so much more militant than Randi? That was shortly after a teacher from A Philip Randolph brought up how important it was for Mulgrew to come to the school and get involved because so many people were being harassed. So, sure it is easy to sound militant on the mega issues but it seems when it comes down to the school level where people are getting killed, it is a different story.

How about all those massive numbers of newbie teachers either having tenure denied or being extended (sample : one school 8 out of 9, another 4 out of 6)? Is the UFT covering it up? Since many of these teachers are so outrgaged they have told colleagues they will leave is the union thinking: the more that leave the less chance anyone will be laid off and maybe the LIFO issue will go away?

Well, here are some comments today on an old article from March, which has recently been updated (see below*).

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Reginald Landeau, Jr. - Triple Principal From Hell":

I am that cancer survivor, and that element of Landeau's attack is the least of it. I wish to tell my colleagues that I resigned because I had to for my career. The DOE is corrupt, and my success in the case was not woth the risk. But I have not stopped battling this monster, and I will continue until he too is in my position - staying up nights looking for jobs, worrying about his mortgage, his family, his health benefits...

He is undoubtadly targetting a specific cohort of teachers while protecting others. I truly like those protected cohorts, but the truth is the truth. We, as teachers, need to band together, attend PTA meetings en masse, write to politicians and the media, and perhaps make several calls to social service agencies and labor agencies since he is endangering the lives of experienced professionals, and in turn, the students of MS 216.

For those teachers who think they are safe...don't fool yourself. One feather ruffled on the empty head of his pet AP, one opposing viewpoint, and he will treat you too like a piece of trash.
Like I said...and I hope he hears...I will spend the rest of my time on this planet if necessary to be vindicated, both for myself and for the staff of MS 216.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Reginald Landeau, Jr. - Triple Principal From Hell":
Maybe we can get a suitable replacement for Landeau...someone with more moral fiber, more respect from the public, ... like Anthony Weiner.

Another outraged teacher at MS 216Q writes:

I INSIST ON A PERSONAL RESPONSE and still didn't get one.
I still did not get a response to my email and Washington Sanchez came to our school and conducted an SBO election instead of our chapter leader, Rachel Montagano.  She is going through hell at her hearing and she didn't need to be subjected to that crap if the UNITED Federation of Teachers stood behind her when Reginald Landeau Jr. started harassing her.

A year and a half ago, I met you at a District 26 pep rally at Leonard's.  You said that you would visit our school.  We're still waiting.  In that time, four teachers were put through the 3020a process.  Three have lost their licenses to teach.  I thought our union was supposed to protect its members.

I want answers.  I want the truth and I can handle the truth.

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Anonymous said...

How about the current cancer patient/teacher who is facing a U rating because the administration refused to observe him before he left to have a transplant. I hope these people never need any compassion, becuase if the age old addage, what goes around comes around is true, they will never see an ounce of human kindness.