Friday, July 11, 2014

AFT Convention Update: Chicago CC Reso Goes Down Overwhelmingly in Committee

UPDATE: Heard tonight that suddenly lots more people were added to the committee, apparently to overwhelm Chicago on the reso, according to some sources. When you control the machinery you have many areas where you can manipulate outcomes..

Normie's lesson of the day: A group not in power cannot win aiming for a simple majority. 60% may translate into 50-50 or worse. In other words, out-muscle them.

Voters supporting CTU CC reso stand in support - est 25-30%.
Since we were not allowed in, we were watching the Education Issues Committee debate from outside the glass doors. With long lines at the mic, it was clear that Chicago TU people did not have the muscle to win the room over to its anti- common core resolution to counter the Weingarten pro common core - with conditions.
Press not permitted in resolutions committees, but through window it was clear only delegates supported the tougher res.

But just like at home where winning a majority is not enough, the Unity Caucus block voting machine (they model the block-voting Hassidic community) which controls the AFT did bit leave any stones unturned.

Having experienced Unity tactics in the last 2 conventions, the CTU crew tried to get a step ahead. One of them asked me how much earlier they should get there to gain seats near the mics. "You should have left yesterday," I said.
Well, they got there early enough to get seats at the mics. Seeing the situation, never underestimate the slugs. They just cleared the room to force the CTU people out of their seats and had everyone re-enter, thus allowing Unity and allies to capture the seats around the mics. One CTUer left a bag on the seat. But when she got back, the bag had been moved and Mulgrew was sitting in the seat (photo right).

The CTU should have brought chains and locked themselves to their chairs - make Unity use a fork lift to get them out. Actually, I need to share some of my "I refuse to move, call the cops" stories with Chicago. Just don't move when they tell you to and invite them to call the cops. I once lay down on a table in the lobby at the DA when they told me to remove our lit. Think that is why they think I'm crazy or is it just my imagination?

I think mid-westerners are just too nice.

On the Arne Duncan reso front -- I was at Randi's press conference today where she told the press that she and I were separated at birth - some stuff only our crew in NYC will find funny. I have a tape but gist is this -- Randi is letting the members decide what to do - ho, ho, ho -- and if someone brings a reso on Arne up it will be debated -- pretty interesting in admitting in essence that she can stop any debate by calling out the Unity machine.

Stephen Sawchuk at Ed Week has a report:

Will AFT Call For Sec. Duncan's Removal?


Harmiclir said...

Thanks, Norm, for the great reporting.

It sounds like a UFT Delegate Assembly on steroids, if that's possible. Randi needs to pretend to be a bit more civil than Mulgrew to preserve the patina of "statesman" that she so carefully cultivates-that's perhaps the only difference because Mulgrew can afford to be the thug.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Norm, even though it's disappointing. I'm curious, how is it decided who gets to vote?

Anonymous said...

Elected delegates from Locals across the country having voting privileges.