Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Aft report: My Last Red-Eye - It's 2 AM and I'm Still Not EX-LAX

The AFT convention has reached its high point. It's the middle of the night and I'm surrounded by hordes of Unity Caucus delegates stranded from 2 fucked up Delta red-eyes. It's like an endless nightmare. I call the question but they are still here.
On checking into security with my priority check-in - let's see - at 7PM - a few Unity guys were in front of me and they had to take off their shoes. I didn't. I told them TSA was running a special priority check-in for people against the common core. They didn't laugh.
I had been receiving notices that my 9:30 flight was delayed further and further - like till 1:40 AM. But the super shuttle was set for 6:30 pickup so I figured I'd just get some work done in the airport. There was a 10:30 flight but I figured getting on that wasn't possible - at least that was what a Delta guy told me. But the Unity guy said he switched by calling Delta. So I did and got on the 10:30. Except now it was leaving at 12:40.
So we do board and I begin to fall asleep around 1 when they tell us the crew timed out and we had to get off the plane and reboard sometime after 3AM when the new crew gets there.
As I deboard I call delta and try to switch back to my original flight leaving at 1:40. But that's been cancelled.
So I'm wandering the terminal and run into more Unity people from the cancelled flight who are camping out at the other end of the terminal waiting for a 6AM flight - see what happens when you vote for the common core?
Now another Unity guy comes over and asks if I think we can get vouchers for our troubles. "I can use it for the next convention" he says - in 2 year. These guys really think ahead. No wonder they're running - or ruining - the union. "If you win the election" I'm tempted to say. But I don't. I may fall asleep and find a pillow over my face.
You do know that there is nothing open in an airport at 2AM, don't you?
It was just announced they ordered Subway sandwiches. Make mine a 2 foot long and it'll all have been worth it.

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  1. Be strong and be safe. Terrible storms out here last night and later today.


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