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Join Me Wedseday, July 16, at MORE UFT/Caucus History Event

Come on down - and watch me fall asleep while presenting. I even told UFT co-founder George Altomare to come to this when I ran into him in the men's room at the AFT convention - there was a brief look of panic on his face - ---  I had zippered up so it wasn't THAT.

New post on Movement of Rank and File Educators

Who Runs The UFT? Why Are There Alternatives?

by morecaucusnyc
On Wednesday July 16th 2014 we are hosting a summer series panel and open discussion on the history of groups that have competed for power and influence within the UFT. We will also examine the implications for MORE. More event Information here
Below are readings and video lectures from union/UFT historians on the background of the founding of UFT and Unity caucus, the ruling party of our union.
Suggested Readings
Democracy & Politics in the UFT, 1976 Edition
Democracy and Politics in the UFT is being reprinted in its original with no changes in order to provide a snapshot of the state of the UFT and education circa 1976 and how one opposition group approached these issues.Thanks to Vera Pavone, Ira Goldfine and Norm Scott for creating an online version of the pamphlet they produced almost 40 years ago.
UFT/Unity Caucus Early History from "City Unions"
This chapter on the founding of the UFT and how Shanker consolidated power from the book "City Unions". There is a lot of insight into how Unity has controlled the UFT since its inception.

Here we have a series of videos about the history of our union, it’s founding, some discussions on past caucuses and dissident groups, and the relationship between non-Unity activists and the union leadership.
Historical roots of the UFT presented by Michael Fiorillo and Peter Lamphere at the State of the Union conference (Feb. 4. 2012).
Michael: Teacher unions up to 1968 (22 minutes):
Peter: Post 1968 (15 minutes):
Both videos plus the Q&A (1 hour):
UFT Friend or Foe- from 2013 Summer Series- How non-Unity Chapter leaders and activists relate to UFT leadership
MORE Summer Series 2012- UFT Caucus History Since 1968 
Michael Fiorillo

Join the Movement of Rank-and-File Educators (MORE) for Summer Series 2014. Discussions exploring the past, present and future of teacher unionism. All are welcome!
Wednesdays 4:00pm-7:00pm
The Dark Horse
17 Murray St. NYC
Near City Hall, Chambers St, WTC
July 16th
Who Runs the UFT? Why Are There Alternatives? A Historical Perspective 1960-2014
The UFT formed in 1960 as a merger of several organizations. By 1964 the Unity caucus emerged as the ruling party of the UFT, which they remain to this day. Throughout the union’s history various dissident groups and caucuses have contested this dominance. At different times these groups merged, ran joint slates, or disbanded. We will discuss why these groups formed and their differing visions and strategies. How is MORE related to this history? What can we learn from it?
Other Summer Series Events
July 30th
Life Under the New UFT Contract
August 13th
Lessons from the Chicago Teachers’ Union- Featuring Guest Speakers from Chicago
August 20th
UFT 101: Why Does Our Teachers' Union Matter?

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