Sunday, July 13, 2014

#AFT14 Report - Common Core Debate - Epic Battle Between Chicago/CORE and UFT/Unity

The great Sarah Chambers nails them to the wall opposing Common Core .....

Watch it live:
Gloria in visitor's section just texted - Unity are positioning themselves now near mikes....  Common Core debate begins
[Common Core] will die no matter what the AFT does because, frankly, it doesn’t matter.... Ravitch
UFT throw heavy hitters Mulgrew, Barr - while CORE uses their rank and file -  who are more than capable of holding their own. This is not to say that others around the nation are on the Randi team. So far only Chicago people are opposing the AFT/UFT reso.
UPDATE: See Chicago - reasons to oppose common core.

Debate is beginning on common core. Randi is calling for extensive discussion so no one calls the question prematurely -- poor Unity people who are designated "call the questioners." Randi mentioned the jostling at the mics at the committee meeting, which we reported on (AFT Convention Update: Chicago CC Reso Goes Down O...Posted Fri 5PM),

I am taping off the screen. Leo Casey spoke before and to me he seemed to be branding the foes of CC as tea party people.

There's no way I can keep up in this space but this is the place where teachers can fight this battle out. No question Chicago will lose this one but will walk away with dignity.

Minneapolis teacher is backing Chicago. Attacking pro reso people for distorting debate as if opposed are against standards -- we are against corporate designed standards. You are not going to set our kids up.
Opponents are pinning CC to testing -- if you don't understand what is going on - SHAME ON YOU! Goes after Leroy Barr statement that children in California and NY should be learning the same thing. One of great speeches so far.

I'll do my best to get some video but you can find it online I'm sure. Don't miss this debate.

Gotta end this but with this..

Here is the Ravitch comment
As for Common Core, I agree with CTU. Teachers don’t need scripts. They don’t need “standards” written by a committee that included not a single classroom teacher. They need class sizes they can manage. Their schools need equitable funding. They need tenure to protect them from political reprisals. They need due process and speedy resolution of complaints. They need respect. Common Core does nothing to alleviate the poverty in which nearly one-quarter of our children live. It does nothing to restore the art teachers, librarians, nurses and counselors who have been laid off. It does nothing to address the root causes of poor academic performance: poverty and segregation. It will die no matter what the AFT does because, frankly, it doesn’t matter.

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Anonymous said...

Education is a state right according to the US Constitution so no, children in California should NOT be learning the same thing as children in New York unless coincidence or mutual agreement on behalf of the states themselves.

Either amend the US Constitution, read and and learn it, but stop ignoring it. It makes the CC pushers look ignorant.