Thursday, July 31, 2014

Moaning Mona and Campbell Brown Tenure Suits: An Attack on Special Ed Students

Less than a week after I received the Letter of Possible Discontinuance I received an updated package, which now stated my license could possibly be terminated. Because I voiced concern for the needs of my students I am being dealt a difficult card and an ultimatum.  I am alarmed and concerned for my future as an educator.  As I mentioned earlier, this is where I see myself until retirement, in a classroom serving our students and showing them a love for learning.... Discontinued special ed teacher
A Discontinue is a blackball - even if someone wants to hire the teacher. If a principal doesn't want a teacher the DOE should not automatically support an action to terminate without some investigation - and if another principal wants to hire them the DOE and UFT should assist, not ignore.
UFT President Michael Mulgrew can cheer and chant about the new “tone” in the de Blasio/Fariña DOE until he is blue in the face. Here at DTOE, we don’t buy it. In fact, we have more stories of attacks on teachers now than we did before. The attack on probationary (non-tenured aka not protected) teachers is a full blown, unreported epidemic. The modern day Salem witch trials. .. DTOE report
UFT inaction, along with Farina/Tweed indifference, in essence, support the assault.

A MORE teacher writes:
I read this appeal from the DTOE blog last night, and I can't stop thinking about it. I wonder if others have ideas for how to best respond to the situation and support this young teacher. If so, please do share.

The plight of this teacher reminds me so much of stories shared by my own cohort of first year self-contained special education teachers, except for one thing, which is that this teacher truly worked to advocate conscientiously (and really stuck her neck out) for sped regulations to be followed, and she faced a totally different climate of evaluation and punishment than we did just 5 years ago. 
Read the entire post here and send an email to Conyers Donald ,, Feijoo Laura , Fariña Carmen ,, “” , Amy Arundell , Leroy Barr , “”
The teacher's hearing is with Superintendent Donald Conyers.


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