Thursday, July 17, 2014

Defense of Tenure - It Ain't Only About the Teachers

At the MORE UFT history event, a teacher who I first met about 6 weeks ago and is new to MORE asked why we don't see campaigns defending teachers and tenure. The UFT spends millions on ads but tenure is not mentioned. Interesting that at the AFT on Monday just before the convention ended, AFT press people came over and asked some of us to attend a press conference upstairs on this very issue.

The event was being run by new AFT superstar Mary
Catherine Ricker (on the right) and included teachers who defended their children and  parents who work with teachers. Parent Helen Gym from Philadelphia gave one of the most passionate defenses of tenure I've seen (I have the video to process).

What was interesting was that the AFT was filming the event to use it for advocacy - meaning that maybe some commercials will be coming. We'll see. In the meantime, while the union twiddles teachers on the front line like Arthur Goldstein, who could not attend the AFT convention because he won't sign the Unity Caucus loyalty oath, took up the issue and wrote a great defense of tenure in the July 16 Daily News.

RBE points to another pro-tenure piece in Salon by Gabriel Arana.

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