Sunday, July 6, 2014

Moaning Mona Davids and Ally Sam Pirozzolo Want Francesco Portelos Fired?

I'm not surprised that CEC 31 (Staten Island) Sam Pirozzolo is in on this as he ignored years of pleas to help students of troubled schools. No doubt he will use this to make another run for office. Francesco Portelos
Mona and Sam Pirozzolo should be sued for child neglect-- Ed Notes  
How ironic. Moaning Mona henchman Sam Pirozzolo has joined her in the Vergara copycat suit here in New York City. Did Sam (or Mona) every think of bringing a law suit over the half million dollars the DOE wasted in trying to fire Francesco Portelos? Did they consider suing over the destruction of the technology and robotics program at IS 49, possibly the poorest school (poorest run by Principal Linda Hill) on Staten Island? And have you heard one peep from them over this outrage? 77% Of The Race To The Top Award Money In NYC Went To Pay For Consultants, Central Office Work, And Support Staff

Sam Pirozzolo is making blatant use of his own kids (as is Mona) who I assume attend schools in Staten Island and apparently have received an awful education because of their tenured teachers. Did Sam speak up at CEC meetings and talk about that lousy education at what were apparently lousy Staten Island schools, probably with the highest numbers of tenured teachers of any borough in the city? Gee, I hope Sam's kids can read after suffering all those tenured teachers.

Hey, Sam, show you are a good parent -- there are those charter school options, where there are NO tenured teachers (have fun). If Sam were a responsible parent he would remove his kids immediately from having contact with those horrible tenured teachers. He should be sued for child abuse - by his own kids.

Sam – YOU ARE ON THE CEC, which is supposed to support students and parents. I know, I know Sam, you've got more ambitious things to do than REALLY helping kids and parents at schools like IS 49 (while you ignored Portelos' pleas for help).

Ahhh, I remember Mona putting her daughter in a charter school to get out of the clutches of those public school teachers with tenure and then complaining about how poorly the charter school was run. Then she bragged how her daughter had been accepted to Brooklyn Tech, a school just loaded with tenured teachers. She ended up sending her to Laguardia HS, also loaded with tenured teachers.

Moaning Mona was perfectly happy to put her child in the specialized schools despite their tenured teachers. She could always try Success or KIPP where she wouldn't have that problem. After all, she is now suing over the "lousy education" her daughter has received - in I guess both the charter school with no tenured teachers and at the public school with tenured teachers.

I just can't wait to see Sam and Mona respond to these questions when the case gets to court. If it ever gets to court -- as I pointed out in my previous pieces, I see this as a trolling suit to get some PR and pray the big money boys come across with some bucks.

And where is the press asking these very questions? (Hear me Chalkbeat?)

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  1. Gotham Charter Schools isn't press - they part of the P.R. machine for the corporate deform movement.

    I don't call them by their rebrand - I still call them Gotham Charter Schools.

    Because that name says everything you need to know about them.

  2. A teacher in my school was discontinued two years ago because he had the nerve to disagree on a placement of his student in a self-contained class. This teacher had a perfect record prior and principal began her revenge soon after, U rating him, letters to file and finally discontinued. In most cases, DOE will support every bad decision made by rotten principals.

    This teacher is now red-flagged and cannot get work in NYC public school.

    I guess Davids & Pirozzolo want this to perpetuate.


    Your lawsuit will have the opposite effect of what you intend.

    1. You are wrong - their intention has nothing to do with kids. The intended effect is about self-interest and promotion.

  3. Not all teachers support tenure. I just read this teacher's take - Is she part of a silent majority?

    1. Majority? Where are they all if there are so many? This one you quote is an administrator. Duh!

  4. I never met a teacher who had tenure who wanted to relinquish it. Maybe I am in a minority.

  5. If you wish to address the 77% of the RTTTP money and where it was appropriated, you can focus your attention directly at the federal government. The grant was designed to fund the reforms powerful individuals and other vested parties were looking for especially with regards to data and testing. It was not intended to address the needs of students, their families nor the classroom. Kudos to those innovative professionals whose work ensured that some of that 77% made it to those who it always intended for, our students, our children, our future.

  6. Arguments about tenure miss the real issues we should be discussing.


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