Monday, July 7, 2014

SI Supt to Kathleen Grimm: Sam (Pirozzolo) is a Fool

.... and this was before Pirozzolo hooked up with Moaning Mona Davids in their rediculous copycat Vergara tenure law suit.

A Jan. 2013 email between District 31 (Staten Island) Supt. and Deputy Chancellor Kathleen Grimm, over Francesco Portelos' appearance at a Dist. 31 CEC meeting shows just how high up concerns over his actions had reached and explains the willingness of Tweed to spend upwards of half a million bucks to get rid of him. A joyous sidelight of the email is the Supt. referring to CEC member Pirozzolo as a "fool."

How nice to see Grimm, the Grim Reaper of Closing Schools, continuing to enjoy her status after being kept on by Farina as Deputy Chancellor -- sort of like promoting Nazi prison guards after the war.


  1. I actually agree with Erminia. I wasn't on my A-Game. I'm glad she recognized I have one, but just wasn't on it. I can't wait to have them testifying in front of a Federal jury.

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  2. Bad analogy on keeping Nazi prison guards after war. War is still going on. De Blah Blah has done virtually nothing to change things in schools.

  3. Never forget: the publisher of the New York Daily News and Chairman and Editor-in-Chief U.S. News and World Report is Mortimer Zuckerman. He is on the Board of the Broad Foundation (as have been Michelle Rhee, Wendy Koop, and Arne Duncan (while Superintendent of Chicago schools).
    Broad Foundation Annual Report 2009-10 page 25


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