Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mike Schirtzer Thanks MOREistas

I just wanted to thank all the folks who helped organize and present at the today's summer series and the last one a couple of weeks back.

Kit, Norm, Ellen, and James really explained well the lessons for MORE from their experiences in past opposition groups. It was such a great history lesson on why they fight so hard and how they were able to achieve some of their goals.

Today Kevin did a fantastic job breaking down the changes in the contract while AJ did an important presentation on how this new contract impacts ATR's.

The good news- Both events had new faces that were totally engaged- taking notes, asking questions, sharing stories, and signing up for our email list and even joining MORE. Great post conversations afterwards too!
A big thanks to Megan for working out the logistics, especially getting this great location and welcoming everyone.

All in all a great team effort and two amazing sessions. 
Stay tuned for the next 2 in August on Lessons from CTU-Core being organized by Peter. Megan and Lauren finishing up strong with UFT 101- why teachers unions are important.
Thanks to all!

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