Saturday, July 12, 2014

#AFT14 Updated - Former Chicago TU Pres Debbie Lynch Calls for Arne Duncan Resignation

Lynch, who was CTU president from 2001-04 and ran and lost in '07 and '10 and is now a delegate from a college, made a special resolution calling for Duncan resignation. This came as a surprise to Randi and pretty much everyone in the house it seems since there was already a planned similar reso, as pointed out by Randi, that she knew about in advance. She suggested they be combined. They are finishing the committee nursing resos.

5PM. I think I reported earlier that word was out that the leadership would not openly oppose this -- as some have pointed out - the AFT never likes to look less militant than the NEA, which called for the end of Duncan's reign. And so it is

Lynch at mic captures the limelight. Needing a 2/3 vote to put on agenda tomorrow's calendar, it passes unanimously. Will be on agenda tomorrow.

Mulgrew got a lot of air time this afternoon, making a few speeches, showing a video introducing de Blasio and being praised to the sky by Cynthia Nixon and her partner, who works at Tweed now.

Lots going on in next few hours. There is the panel at 7PM with Caputo-Pearl, Lewis, Mulgrew and others. And a rally at Staples protesting their role in breaking postal workers.

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