Monday, July 14, 2014

#AFT14 CORRECTED - Randi says - AFT and NEA to Forge New Relationship - Short-Lived for Sure

Randi - we will forge a new relationship with NEA - introducing new President of NEA Lily Eskelsen Garcia.

Lily has two 3 year term limits and will be out of office in 6 years. (CORRECTED FROM EARLIER THANKS TO A COMMENT FROM A READER - SO MORE LONG-TERM THAN I THOUGHT).

Randi, who just won re-election with 97% of the vote of 2783 delegates, is in office for life - or as long as she wants it.

(For the record - Al Shanker died in office and his designated successor, Sandra Feldman, resigned shortly before she died.)

Everyone here knows that Mulgrew, who was featured very prominently at this convention, is the next AFT president (if he wants it) should Randi move on to something else.

Though some think the fast-rising St. Paul union leader, Mary Cathryn Ricker, who will step down after being elected today as AFT Exec VP, is a potential rival. Ricker ran today's press conference on due process, was added to the social justice panel along with Mulgrew on Sat. night and is being pushed by Randi all over the place. Both national teacher unions are headed by women in a profession with 75% women.

But then again, Mary seems awfully wholesome and nice. And we all know that mid-westerners are just too nice. So she is handicapped.

But this AFT convention, as I will point out in a follow-up, had one third of the delegates who showed up come from NYC. So  if Mulgrew wants it he has it.

And if so, whoever Mulgrew and Randi choose to take over the UFT when that happens will be the next AFT president after that. The AFT is the closest thing we have in this nation to a monarchy.

Do we have an idea yet who will be the next NEA president in 6years? Well actually we do - in the NEA they also pick a successor.

This fundamental difference will always keep the AFT and NEA apart.

By the way, Lily is making a great, funny speech. And she, unlike some we know, was a real classroom teacher for many years and rose through those ranks to get where she is today.


  1. Hi. Norm. NEA presidents can serve for two three-year terms before term limited out. Lily will be president until 2020.

  2. >>>Randi, who just won re-election with 97% of the vote of 2783 delegates, is in office for life - or as long as she wants it.>>>

    Did Weingarten have an opponent? If not, was there an opportunity for someone to nominate someone else?


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