Saturday, July 12, 2014

AFT Convention 2014 Video: Randi Laugh Riot - on Proposed Anti-Duncan Reso - Let the Members Decide

Saturday, July 12, 2014
I have a stitch in my side from laughing after watching this video. OK. We can stop laughing now and watch the short segment I am putting up on the Duncan censure issue that I taped at Randi's press conference yesterday. (I have more video to post on the common core issue, also with her "let the members decide" - and I taped this moments before the Unity machine stepped on the Chicago CC reso.)

Randi's claims she is letting the members decide and her response to my question touching on how things really are done in the AFT/UFT Educational Industrial Complex (thanks to my new best friend Lenny Isenberg for this line) will give our usual readers a howl. Especially if you followed the antics yesterday of the UFT shock troops - led by Mulgrew - in stepping on the Chicago Common Core reso. (AFT Convention Update: Chicago CC Reso Goes Down Overwhelmingly in Committee)

And to my Unity pals who claim Mulgrew is "different" than Randi and his own man - well, you know.
Oh - and to some of my Chicago friends who also believe that crap being pushed on them by Mulgrew himself - that he has increasing differences with Randi - double "well."

And Randi's claim that she and I were separated at birth is absolutely true.

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