Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Video of Randi Press Conf at #AFT14

Some interesting insights from Randi on Vergara, Duncan and other issues. But not enough of a rigorous defense of tenure - rather a sense of - we are willing to help get rid of teachers. Left hanging are those teachers who have been chopped due to political persecution. Lenny Isenberg from LA asks Randi a question as do I.
A few days later there was a press conference with Mary Catherine Ricker dealing with some of these issues.

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  1. I would not disagree about letting teachers go when they were genuinely unfit for duty, including being incompetent or complacent.
    Obviously this type of teacher is a burden to all the teachers who are overloaded and serious about the work they do. But that is not the teacher they go after. They choose the best teachers a lot more than the worst , who suck up to lousy administrators who are not vigilant about teacher quality. A good principal makes a huge difference in a school because he or she upholds the standards rather than lowering them. I may be inclined to embrace TURNs philosophy in large part but I take issue with people who are duplicitous, and operating with criminal stealth. Or trying to. In Weingartens case she is caught up in all kinds of transgressions .. Conflicts of interests are killing good teachers. That's how it got ousted . All the pedagogues in rubber rooms, teacher jail, ATR without a cart of papers to grade all weekend.
    It took us awhile, too long in fact. We tend not be so devious. I feel a little icky admitting it but you pay attention awhile you start thinking like they do. Needless to say, they aint Einsteins.


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