Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mike Schirtzer Update: #AFT14, MORE Summer Series om UFT History

Mike makes me feel sorry for Unity Caucus. Here they figured it wouldn't be long before they are rid of me and Mike shows up to offer a few decades more of tsouris. Mike will be sitting in my place at the 2034 convention tweeting and blogging.

But do come out on Weds for the history series.

We don't know everything and you all can fill in. I even asked George Altomare yesterday to fill in some gaps. I joked to him he should come - he began to look a little sick at the very thought.

Don't tell Mike that I haven't done some of the work for Weds Night that I promised to do. Maybe while waiting in airport for the redeye tomorrow night. My wonderful wife even offered to pick me up at 5:30AM Tues morning. Then I have a noonish meeting at my house and Gypsy rehearsal Tues night, followed by MORE summer series Weds at 4PM, followed by MORE retreat all day Thurs. Are they trying to kill me?
Hi all,
I don't want to keep filling up your email with reports from the convention so For extensive coverage of this weekend's AFT 2014 convention please see the following

Norm Scott, the grandfather of opposition caucuses and bloggers is there and doing some great reporting. He has over 30 years of experience in AFT/NEA unionism and contacts that no one else can match

Steve Sawchuck at Education Week is doing some terrific reporting from the convention

Jonathan Halabi, a member of New Action Caucus, which runs with Unity on a joint slate, is a  UFT executive board member , wrote a very good report from Friday

Peter Goodman, who is a member of Unity caucus gives  insight from inside the ruling caucus (called Progressive caucus on the national level) and is often published on Diane Ravitch

The More Caucus twitter account is retweeting some great reports from delegates inside the convention- Katie Lapham and I have been keeping it as active as possible using hashtag #AFT14

For hard hitting, honest commentary of AFT, and always a well thought out evaluation I highly recommend you check out

NYC educator 

Perdido street/Reality Based Educator

Also don't forget Wednesday I have the honor of moderating a fantastic panel followed by an open discussion on "Who Runs The UFT (AFT)? Why Are There Alternatives?
We have Norm Scott, Ellen Fox, James Eterno, and Kit Wainer lined up as our speakers. They have collectively been a force within the UFT for decades, founders and leaders of opposition caucuses, candidates for top UFT positions, and have even defeated unity caucus for some offices. We will all learn valuable lessons for the progression of MORE. In light of recent events within NYSUT, AFT, and the increasing popularity of our caucus this is a most appropriate time for this event.

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