Friday, July 18, 2014

Gypsy Opens Tonight at Rockaway Theatre Company in Fort Tilden

Last night was the final dress rehearsal and I put on my suit for my 5 minute stint as Mr. Goldstone where I end up standing on a chair. Don't tell me to break a leg - because I probably will.

Tonight begins the first of 10 performances. Tickets are selling out, so come on down to the theater at the very hot Fort Tilden. 

And there are scads of NYC teachers in the show. Maybe we can start a MORE chapter?

Did you know the beach there is a nude beach? A little naked sun and theater - but get dressed first.

Leon Goldstein HS teacher Steve Ryan, hoofing it as Tulsa
Steve is one of Mike Schirtzer's best friends - which he admits to only when being water boarded.

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