Thursday, July 31, 2014

Today: Protest Campbell Brown on Colbert Show - 4:15

I'm glad they are doing this, though I have no doubt Colbert will have some fun with Brown. You know, I watched Brown when she was (briefly) on the Today show - and she made me cringe with her humorlessness and cluelessness. They couldn't wait to get rid of her.

Julian Vinocur,, 212-328-9268
Maria Bautista,, 347-622-9706
*** Media Advisory for July 31st, 4:15pm, Outside Colbert Report Studio Taping 513 West 54th St.***
Parents and Teachers to Protest Campbell Brown's Appearance On Colbert Report
Growing Outrage Over Brown's Refusal to Disclose Wall Street Backers, While Proclaiming to Speak for Parents
WHAT: On the heels of Campbell Brown filing a bogus lawsuit attacking teachers, public school parents and teachers will protest her appearance outside tonight's taping of the Colbert Report.
Parents and teachers will expose the Real Campbell Brown: a right-wing, out-of-touch elitist, with no background in education who is running a political campaign funded by Wall Street donors.
Participants will be tweeting from #WhoFundsCampbell & #Questions4Campbell
WHO: Parents and teachers, members of the Alliance for Quality Education and New York Communities for Change.
WHERE: Outside Colbert Report studio on 513 West 54th St, NY, NY (between 54th st. and 10th ave.).
WHEN: Today, at 4:15pm. Thursday, July 31st, 2014.
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