Thursday, July 17, 2014

Teacher Diversity Committee Launches Petition at Harlem Book Fair

Sean Ahern, a long time friend, and one of the original founders of the idea of creating ICE (in a bar), has focused his attention for a decade on the teacher diversity issue. And that work is bearing fruit. Check out the numbers on the drop in hiring of black teachers posted in the petition. And the TDC has noticed that the number of white teachers has dropped too because many of the new "ideal" young white recruits leave and are replaced by -what else - other young white recruits.

I know that this can be a touchy issue for some - like what are they saying? White teachers can't teach black kids? Not at all. What this is about is what a black kid sees and thinks if 90% of the teachers they meet do not look like them. Reverse that and think of the impact if a white kid went to a school with few white teachers. That doesn't happen very often I imagine. Why not?
Dear Friends,

On Saturday July 12 the TDC of NYC launched our teacher diversity petition drive on a gorgeous summer day with the generous financial support from the Movement of Rank and File Educators (MORE), Teachers Unite and the donation of a table by the Harlem Book Fair (see photo and petition attached).

Over the course of the day members of the TDC, MORE, Teachers Unite (TU), the Coalition for Public Education (CPE), The MANY,  and People's Power collected over 300 signatures and spread the news about the Bloomberg hiring policies and why a grassroots effort is needed to change them.  Members of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) were also present and supported the effort.  We welcome the support of all races and creeds and political persuasions to stop and reverse the disappearing of Black and Latino educators from NYC schools.  

Thanks to Anna Maria,  Peter, Michelle, Seku, Everett, Michele, Marc, Ernestine, Muba, Anne, Gail, and Benita for taking the time  to launch this petition. Thanks to Michele for a great banner that will fly proudly this fall as our petition grows!  If you are interested in supporting this effort contact the TDC of NYC at  Feel free to download the petition and collect signatures. Return signed petitions before Dec. 1 to Teacher Diversity c/o Ahern PO Box 1025, New York, NY 10002.  They will be presented to the December PEP.
Sean Ahern for the TDC of NYC

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