Friday, July 11, 2014

Breaking - AFT Rumor - Reso on Duncan Coming? Randi Crit Duncan in Keynote - But Doesn't Go Deep

Just heard rumor that special order of business will be proposed for a reso either calling for resignation or censoring of Arne Duncan is coming from California Teachers Association - NEA crew who have some people here.

Keynote still on:
Randi just mentioned NYSUT call for State Ed Comm John King resignation - and mentions NEA Duncan reso -- now attacking Duncan but not calling for resignation.

Let's see how things play out tomorrow as this afternoon is all about the committees.

She just defended due process - as opposed to going back to patronage system - but now talks about we won't tolerate sexual predators -- of course - what is she - Campbell Brown -- I mean why go there? She says we must protect people targeted and also those with distorted ratings based on VAM - you can't make some of this stuff up.

I'm at press table with Ed Week  Stephen Sawchuk 
who is tweeting at 

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