Wednesday, October 23, 2013

12 Years a Slave - Under Bloomberg

A new movie tells the story of a formerly free school system with public input and oversight that is lured into a seamy arrangement by an ego-driven, manipulative billionaire who then enslaves over one million children, over a hundred thousand school employees and a disenfranchised public. His overseers, Merryl Tisch and Eva Moskowitz make the lives of the slaves miserable.

After 12 years of servitude, the school system sees the light of freedom at the end of the tunnel by the emergence of a tall savior and even though the tall savior holds on to the reigns of control but promises to be a benevolent dictator.

There will be a sequel in 2018 titled "Let Freedom Ring."


  1. Norm,

    No historical event must not and ought not be compared to other theaters in the book of life. From the Holocaust to the killing fields of Southeast Asia, and from our own involuntary servitude to the indigenous Americans, paralleling them to our current mayor's tenure does profound harm to those who suffered or were slaughtered. Yes, this mayor is and was a nasty owner. I say owner because he believed that NYC was his corporation, and that his power allowed him absolute authority. Such hubris is always dangerous, but he exits shortly and so does his corporation. Look to the future, Norm, because nothing terrible lasts forever. Thank you for your time, Dr. John Marvul.

    1. Fully understand your point John. And you're probably right. I get the same reactions when I do Nazi comparisons. Satire sometimes pushes into uncomfortable territory and taste goes by the wayside.

  2. Now this is a movie worth seeing over and over. Free at last, thank God, free at last.

  3. Norm,
    When we compare the current mayor's tenure to the theater of tragedies in the history of America and the world, we dishonor the memory of those who perished in the trials of Involuntary Servitude, in the ovens of the Holocaust, in the Killing Fields of Southeast Asia, and in the plight of indigenous Americans. Yes, this mayor thought of this city as his personal corporation, and he treated people according to his rules. Such hubris will always be dangerous, but he is gone shortly. The future looks bright, and dwelling on misery only causes more pain. Thank you for your time, Dr. John Marvul.


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