Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shame on "Journalists" Supporting E4E Closed Meeting Where All Had to Sign "The Pledge"

When the so-called ed press takes part in a naked propaganda event to promote an organization funded by billionaires to put forth their anti-union, anti-real reform education. (Ask E4E what they think about a campaign to reduce high class sizes?)
Panelists included journalists Ben Max (Decide NYC), Lindsey Christ (NY1), Sarah Garland (Hechinger Report) and Sarah Darville (GothamSchools).
What does this say about these journalists? Teachers who do not agree with the E4E position are banned. We know that E4E supports every Bloomberg ed deform position and those allowed to attend must agree with the E4E position. So what are people who call themselves journalists doing there? I don't care about the others but I am disappointed in Lindsey Christ.

E4E-NY: The Next Education Mayor

E4E-New York teachers gathered on Thursday, September 26, 2013 to ask local journalists questions about the mayoral race and what it means for teachers in NYC.
  1. Thursday's panel was moderated by teachers Lilly Ruiz and Nick Lawrence. 

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