Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rockaway Theatre Company Weekend Update: Last days to see Boeing, Boeing

NOTE: RTC has sent out a notice that due to the slimebags in Congress Gateway National Park, where the theater is located, is shut down. So amongst all the other stuff the incredible work these people put into the show is in jeopardy this weekend. Luckily they performed the last 2 weekends and I taped the performance last Sat night. It is up on the web in a private space for the RTC (can't make it public due to copyrite stuff - or so they tell me).

This is what I wrote before the notice from RTC came in.

I've seen the show twice and am going back this weekend. Three of the actors are NYC teachers, including MORE supporter Steve Ryan from Leon Goldstein HS, where co-director Michael Wotypka (who I know from way back in his TJC days) also teaches. And 2 of the major players in the theater, Susan Jasper and John Galleace, also taught at Goldstein before retiring. The nebbish is played by great comic actor David Risely who played Felix when I was in the Odd Couple. Steve - on the right - plays the lucky - or unlucky guy - trying to manipulate 3 fiances.

Here is my blurb in this week's Wave.
Take 3 beautiful stewardesses, mix them with a debonair boyfriend they all share, add in his nebishy best friend from Wisconsin and a live-in French maid - naturally since they are in Paris - and a sumptuous apartment with lots of doors - and for very good reason - and you end up with "Boeing, Boeing", the latest side-splitting comedy produced by the Rockaway Theatre Company. The show is in its final weekend at the Post Theater in Fort Tilden. Don't miss the final opportunity to see our amazing local and imported talent (from Brooklyn). The production follows a long-line of fine plays directed by Peggy Page and Michael Wotypka, who also have the distinction of providing me with my acting debut – and denouement – in the Odd Couple two years ago.
See video highlights of Boeing, Boeing at:


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