Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What they spent but won't pay rent - Report from Inside Eva's Belly of the Beast

As a school co-located with a Success Academy school we were shocked at the silence we encountered this morning as the entire SA school was noticeably missing (at rally).

 Upon their return we were even more shocked at the tremendous financial expenditure put forth for this rally with new bright yellow t-shirts for all staff members stating their roles ie; Teacher and reference to parent choice in addition to the nearly 100 pizzas that were purchased and delivered to the school building in order to feed students (who knows what the staff received) this not even include the cost if busing everyone to and from!!!

I would assume that poor Eva spent thousands of dollars of mis-appropriated funds that should have been spent on students' education.  Will SUNY be asked to divert more funds her way now? If a public school tried to close school, parade all their students and staff out - missing hours if valuable instructional time, spent thousands of dollars on t-shirts and pizza- SOMEBODY WOULD GET FIRED!!!!!!   Curiously, Eva allowed her students to dress down today- first time ever!!! I wonder why?  Maybe she was worried that the sight if her signature orange shirts would garner too much attention on the fact that she stole hours of on task instructional time from her students?  Maybe she was actually worried about the NEGATIVE press coverage and choose to attempt to camouflage her staff and families (staff wore yellow- not orange)??!!! 


  1. Public schools are being sucked dry in urban areas across the country while charter schools can sponsor lavish political spectacles to pander to the corporate elites. Are there any auditors out there available to take on this project?

  2. And I say, tough..let them pay rent which is what is stipulated by law..As they say, they were getting the milk for free for a long time under Bloomberg's regime and basically raping the public school students of appropriate funds..time for them to start paying for space if that is what they really want.. and if they don't like it, their private corporations and hedge fund managers could donate money and build buildings for them..

  3. They get funds from DFER and other politican lobbying organizations for participating in these rallies or any community event really...same as the unions that spend those union dues on rallies they have had (and political contributions and lobbyists).


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