Tuesday, October 8, 2013

NYC Public Schools Rally in Opposition to Charters....

But Cannot Close Schools to Do So. Protests take place after school but are ignored by pro-charter press.

Sign for Oct 8 Charter Rally:
Keep Eva's salary at half a million
In essence, there is a lockdown today so Public Schools cannot hold a mass Anti-Charter Rally which would dwarf the one being held today on school time.

If public schools were allowed to close this morning, use their resources to organize a counter rally, they wouldn't have to order all employees, parents and students to show up. Many thousands from all over the city would be there.

As the video below shows, public schools like Seth Low must organize rallies at their school off school hours. Here are some snippets of the rally they held on September 30 protesting an Eva Moskowitz invasion of their school in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Included is some early video of the buses outside Harlem Success Academy this morning.


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  1. How many of those protestors are teachers at the public school? Does the quality of the public school go down if there is a charter school co-located?


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