Friday, October 11, 2013

MORE Reflections on the Delegate Assembly

Wednesday was an interesting day in UFT-land, a lot of it related to MORE and its growing reputation at the school level and at the DA. And I should point out that the parent dominated Change the Stakes which co-sponsored the rally is also growing in reputation amongst parents.

There is no question that the Unity resolution on high stakes testing they rushed through the Oct. 7 Ex Bd meeting was designed to try to distract the delegates from the MORE/Change the Stakes rally against high stakes testing outside the DA and the MORE petition initiative. Unity people stood outside in front and across from the MORE rally with the unlabeled (purposely) Unity high stakes testing reso.

See James Eterno's report on the ICE blog and commentary from the other bloggers -- no time for links with my wife hounding me to do some work around the house.

MORE on the UFT’s New Position on State Tests + DA/Rally Report

Here are two short videos I shot on the fly outside the DA.

In this one Unity Ex Bd member Greg Lundahl tries to explain the Unity position as he stands across the way from the MORE/CTS rally. I challenge him to join in.

And the 2nd shows a few clips of the beginning and tail end of the rally -- I was inside distributing MORE Stuff in Your Mailbox for much of the rally. The gentleman on the right is Vincent Wosjnis who became a MORE hero when he challenged the Unity resolution. But more on Vincent and how be came to be involved with MORE in a follow-up post this weekend.

And take a look at this one about the next MORE meeting produced by Dan from the MORE Media team. Dan got involved this summer and has added immensely to the team that Mike Schirtzer has put together.

Video ad for October MORE meeting.

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  1. I have to say I agree with many if not all of MORE's positions. However as an elected UFT delegate, I don't deserve to have people shouting in my face as I enter 52 Broadway to fulfill my responsibilities. There was a person who screamed MORE slogans in my face and when I asked him how he knew I wasn't on his side, he yelled in my face again. I told Norm, who attempted to locate him. This does not help the MORE cause in particular with people who not thrilled with Unity. In fact in reminded me of when I was heckled when attempting to enter for a vote on the 2005 contract. The people yelling at me didn't even know how I was going to vote. Being a UFT delegate doesn't mean I agree with all or even any of the Unity positions. I am currently a free-agent delegate and I am there to represent my members, and vote their best interests. Peace out, Jack


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